Robert E. Lee

R. H. Weightman

U.S. Mil Academy West Point

29. Oct 1853

My Dear Sir,

Your young friend Cadet Jose Y. Perea of New Mexico at the commencement of his Academic course in September found difficulty in mastering it. This was probably owing to his want of familiarity with the English language & I hoped would be in time overcome. But during the present month he seems to have been completely discouraged, & to have lost all desire to retain his position at the Academy & consequently to have made no effort to acquire his course, or perform his duties. Upon consultation with Profr. Church, he was of the opinion that he would be unable to pass the January Examination, & as in consequence of his neglect of his other duties without having committed any grave or serious offence, he had already acquired over 200 demerit. I thought it useless for him to remain longer at the Academy, as this alone under the Regulations would occasion his discharge. I reported these facts on the 21st Inst: to the Messrs. Harmonys. Nephews & Co., & also recommended to the War Dept the acceptance of his resignation, which he had previously (11th Oct) tendered, as I believed his continuance at the Academy was only attended by discomfort to him without any corresponding benefit.

His resignation has been accepted by the Secy of War, to take effect 21st November next, & I will cause his accounts to be at once closed, & allow him to repair in person to the Messrs. Harmonys, to whom I will also write & inform of his approach; and whom I presume, will make all necessary arrangements for his comfort and well being. I very much regret the circumstances that have rendered his resignation advisable & hope that it may be satisfactory to you & his friends.

I remain. Very Respectfully Your obdt. Servant(Sd) R E Lee Bvt Col.
Supt Mil Academy

Superintendent’s Daily Correspondence
United States Military Academy

Superintendent’s Letter Book No. 3, pp. 64–65. Addressed “Hon R. H. Weightman New Mexico”