Robert E. Lee

George H. Deveraux

U.S. Mil. Academy West Point

30 Dec. 1853

My dear Sir,

I should have replied to your letter of the 24 Inst: had I been certain where to direct my answer.—

It would not be proper for me to write to the Sec’y of War as you request in relation to your son. Having officially reported the facts in his case, as well as in the case of the other Cadets, should he desire any further information from me, he will call for it.—In that event it will give me great pleasure to state all the circumstances in their favour.

In reply to your inquiry as to his demerit, I am happy to inform you, that up to the 16th Inst: he had not increased the amount formerly reported to you, viz: 90. In his conduct that night, however, he violated several regns of the Acady, viz: absent from his quarters: having spirit in his possession: not halting when ordered & c., which with some acts he has since committed, not of so grave a character, will I am sorry to say cause his amount to exceed 100.

I remain very resply. your obt Servt(Signed) R. E. Lee. Br. Col:
Supt: Mil: Acady

Superintendent’s Daily Correspondence
United States Military Academy

Superintendent’s Letter Book No. 3, p. 81. Addressed “Genl. Geo. H. Deveraux Salem Mass.”