Robert E. Lee

Charles W. Whipple

U.S. Mil. Academy West Point N.Y.

15 Nov. 1854

Dear Sir,

Knowing the interest you felt in Cadet Frank Graves, has determined me to write to you. I am sorry to inform you that he has again exceeded the amount of demerit (100) which under the Regns of the Acady. requires the Acad. Board at the coming Jany. Examinations, to declare him deficient in conduct & recommend him to the War Dept. for discharge. Since the 15th June last to the 3rd Oct. the amt of demerit recorded against him is 156—one hundred being the amount which a Cadet cannot exceed in six months. You must not think that he has committed any grave offense, calculated to affect his moral character or standing, but his demerit has resulted from the same inattention to his duties & violation of Regns. of which you became aware during your visit last summer. Have been relieved from the consequences at that time, I had hoped he would have been more careful, but it does not seem to have had that effect. He has not been very attentive to his studies either, though latterly I think has improved in that respect. I am sorry to give you information which I know will distress you, but I thought it best that you should know the state of the case, that you might be prepared to give such advice to his father as your judgement should dictate.

I remain truly your obedt. Servt.Signed/ R. E. Lee Br. Col:
Supt: Mil: Acady

Superintendent’s Daily Correspondence
United States Military Academy

Superintendent’s Letter Book No. 3, p. 149. Addressed “Hon. Chas. W. Whipple Niles, Michigan.”