Robert E. Lee

J. M. Dunn

U.S. Mil. Acady. West Point

25 Dec. 1854


It would have given me much pleasure to have been able to have granted your request of the 12th Inst. to allow your ward Cadet John Tipton a short leave of absence about this time, for the purpose of visiting Mr. Patterson in New York; but the Regns. of the Acady. allow but one leave of absence to a Cadet, & which you may be aware was enjoyed by Cadet Tipton last summer.

I have only felt authorized to relax the Regns. in favour of those Cadets who residing in the vicinity, were enabled to spend xmas day at their homes without interruption of their duties or studies; which I should have gladly extended to your ward; but I must apply the same rule to all; & cannot grant to one what I am obliged to withhold from others.—

I am happy to inform you, that your ward since his return from furlough has been very attentive to his duties & exemplary in his conduct.—

I remain Sir Your obedt. Servt.Signed R. E. Lee Br. Col.
Supt. Mil. Acady.

Superintendent’s Daily Correspondence
United States Military Academy

Superintendent’s Letter Book No. 3, p. 164. Addressed “J. M. Dunn Esq. Logansport Ind.”