Lee and His Cause
By John R. Deering


“General Lee, by Fitzhugh Lee,” his nephew and cavalry commander.

“Robert E. Lee and the Southern Confederacy, by Henry A. White, M.A., D.D., Ph. D.”

“Recollections and Letters of R. E. Lee, by Robert E. Lee, Jr.”

“Personal Reminiscences of General R. E. Lee, by Rev. Dr. J. Wm. Jones, Chaplain A.N.Va.”

“Genesis of the Civil War, by Major-General S. W. Crawford, U.S.A.”

“Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, by Jefferson Davis.”

“Is Davis a Traitor? by Albert Taylor Bledsoe, A. M., LL.D., late a Professor of the University of Virginia.”

“The Southern States of the American Union, by J. L. M. Curry, LL.D., etc.”

“A View of the Constitution of the United States of America, by Wm. Rawle, LL.D., Philadelphia, 1825.”

“The True History of the Civil War, by Guy Carleton Lee, Ph.D., of the Johns Hopkins University.”

“Service Afloat, by Admiral Raphael Semmes, of the Confederate States Navy.”

“A School History of the United States, by Susan Pendleton Lee.”

Confederate Veteran, Official Organ of the U.C.V.; Sons of U.C.V.; Daughters of the Confederacy; by S. A. Cunningham,, late of Army of Tennessee,” Nashville, Tenn., A.D. 1892–1907. This able, beautiful and invaluable magazine may be seen in ten thousand Southern homes, where it enjoys the preference and deserves the honor of all Dixie’s defenders over its periodical rivals. The first of its class, and the best!

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