An Aide-De-Camp of Lee
Charles Marshall

[Notes: Chapter 11]

1 This account of the battle is based upon Marshall’s draft of Lee’s Gettysburg dispatch. I have marked with a black line the principal additions Marshall makes to the published dispatch. Many of these are significant.

2 The supplies Pettigrew was seeking were boots for his men.

3 This was Buford’s cavalry brigade.

4 This attack was made upon the 1st Federal Corps under Reynolds, which had come up to support Buford.

5 Howard’s 11th corps.

6 Cemetery Hill.

7 Jenkins’s brigade.

8 Gulp’s Hill.

9 This account of Lee’s dealings with Longstreet and the latter’s attitude confirms other accounts from Southern sources. A Confederate attack delivered before the arrival of Sedgwick’s 6th corps, which came on the field early in the afternoon of July 2nd, had every prospect of success. Both the 1st and 11th Federal corps had been severely handled on the 1st, and a concerted attack delivered by Ewell, A. P. Hill, and the two divisions of Longstreet’s corps, which were up, would almost certainly have carried the Gettysburg Ridge. The evidence that Lee intended such an attack to be made early on the 2nd is overwhelming. Generals Long and Pendleton, and now Colonel Marshall of Lee’s staff, assert that that was so, and they are confirmed by A. P. Hill and Ewell. Longstreet asserts no less positively that he received no orders to attack before 11 A.M. on July 2nd.

From what Colonel Marshall here says, it would appear that Lee in his conversation with Longstreet on the night of July 1st and the early morning of July 2nd expressed his intention of attacking as early as possible. Longstreet, who, as usual, considered his own plan the best, did not take this to be a definite order, and appears to have delayed in the hope of changing Lee’s mind. The mistake made was in not committing the instructions to Longstreet to writing, and in not giving those orders in a precise form. This mistake proved fatal; for after about 3 P.M. on July 2nd the Confederates had little or no chance of being able to carry the Federal position.

10 Culp’s Hill.

11 The Round Tops

12 Of A. P. Hill’s corps.