Some Personal Letters of Robert E. Lee, 1850–1858
William D. Hoyt, Jr.


1 Henry Brewerton (d. 1879), captain, 1836, major, 1856

2 The Front Street Theatre was built in 1829, with a court at the rear opening on Jones Falls and steps descending to the water. Jenny Lind arrived in Baltimore on December 8, 1850. She was escorted to Barnum’s Hotel by a crowd of several thousand persons; there she received in the afternoon and was serenaded at night by the Independent Grays Band. The Front Street Theatre was crowded to capacity for all four concerts, which took in $60,000.

3 James Simons, captain and assistant surgeon, 1847–1856; John M. Cuyler, major and surgeon, 1847–1862.

4 Henry K. Craig, appointed chief of ordnance, July 10, 1851.

5 William W. Loring, lieutenant colonel, 1848, colonel, 1856.

6 Sir James Alexander (1803–1885), British soldier and traveler, who served in Canada from 1841 to 1855; Colonel D’Urban may have been a son of General Sir Benjamin D’Urban, commander of forces in Canada, who died in Montreal in 1849.

7 Caleb Huse, second lieutenant, 1851, first lieutenant, 1854.

8 Washington Irving (1783–1859) lived at “Sunnyside,” his home near Tarrytown on the Hudson.

9 Jefferson Davis was the secretary of war in the Pierce cabinet, 1853–1857.

10 Lieutenant Colonel William J. Morton, Librarian of the United States Military academy, reports that there is now no trace of these maps at West Point (1946).

11 Gustavus W. Smith, made brevet captain for gallant and meritorious conduct at Contreras.

12 General Winfield Scott (1789–1866) was honored by a resolution of Congress giving him the pay, rank, and emoluments of a lieutenant general.