100 Years Ago – Robert E. Lee Centennial, 1907

100 Years Ago

Robert E. Lee Centennial Celebration, 1907

Note: A century ago, in 1907, the Civil War had been over for more than four decades, and Robert E. Lee dead for more than 35 years. Veterans of both North and South looked back on the war, arguing about battles and causes and meanings. Across the South, advocates of the Lost Cause paid tribute to Lee with memorials and speeches and other addresses. Often tinged with nostalgia, the following links take you to representative samples of those tributes.

Governor’s Proclamation

Hundredth Birthday of Robert E. Lee

Lee’s Centennial

General Lee at Lexington

Robert E. Lee and Washington College

Eulogy on General Lee

The Army of Northern Virginia

Tribute to General Lee as Man

Centennial Celebration, University of South Carolina

Reminiscences of General Lee

The Christian Character of Robert E. Lee

Fitzhugh Lee