General Lee During the Campaign of the Seven Days, by Eben Greenough Scott

Fitz Lee to the Front!

By Fred J. Nelson

The following is taken from Spanish-American War Songs: A Complete Collection of Newspaper Verse During the Recent War with Spain, compiled and edited by Sidney A. Witherbee (Detroit, Michigan, 1898).


Fitz Lee to the front! Shout the glad tidings forth,
On the bugle’s wild blast, from the South to the North;
As the red flame of battle sweeps over the land,
He leaps to the saddle, his saber in hand,
While swarming around him from mountain and dell,
Rush the hosts of the Southland with wild rebel yell.

Fitz Lee to the front! Ah, well do they know,
Who follow him now to the heart of the foe,
That no truer soul ever quickened a knight,
And no braver arm ever struck for the right,
As dauntless be rushed to the heart of the strife,
Each thrust of his sword-point an enemy’s life.

Fitz Lee to the front! Who shall stand in the way
When he gives the word and his legions obey?
’Twere better the lightnings of Heaven defy,
As they leap from the storm-clouds and crash through the sky,
Than meet in their wrath the bold riders of Lee,
Their banners emblazoned with “Cuba the free!”

Fitz Lee to the front! Let us hail the brave chief,
One loud shout, and long, to his conquering name,
While his sabres flash death, and his cannons proclaims:
“The Queen of the lovely Antilles is fre!”
Fitz Lee to the front! Hip, hurrah for Fitz Lee!