From the 2 October 1865 issue of The New York Times.

Gen. Lee at Washington College.

The Lexington (Va.) Gazette thus announces the arrival of Gen. ROBERT E. LEE at that town, preparatory to taking charge of Washington College:

On Monday last, (18th inst.), Gen. LEE made his appearance on our streets. He had traveled across the country from Cumberland County, a hundred miles or more, on horseback, arriving a day sooner than he was expected, and taking our citizens entirely on surprise—not in the mode, but in the time of his coming; for his style of locomotion was already known, and is perfectly in accordance with his quiet, unostentatious way of doing things. The General is, for the present, the guest of our worthy and well-known townsman, Col. S. MCD. REID.

The Board of Trustees of the college meet to-day to take steps for filling the chair of “Mental and Moral Philosophy,” now vacant, and for the transaction of other important business.