From the 26 Septembe 1868 issue of The New York Times.

Gen. Robert E. Lee Invited to Visit Massachusetts—His Reply.

From the Newburyport Herald, Sept. 24.

Among the letters received at the Salisbury gathering, was the following from Gen. ROBERT E. LEE. The committee inform us that they have extended an invitation to him to be present next year, and as that invitation, unlike the one for the present year, is not open to the charge of not being in season, we may hope to hear from him at the next gathering.

LEXINGTON, Va., Sept. 15, 1868.

MY DEAR SIR: Your letter of the 7th inst., addressed to me at the White Sulphur Springs, has been received this morning. I am very much obliged to the Committee which you represent, for their kind invitation to attend the “Salisbury Beach Festival” on the 16th inst., and beg that you will accept my sincere thanks for the cordial manner in which it has been communicated.

Were it practicable for me to be absent from Washington College just at the resumption of studies, 17th inst., it would be impossible for me to attend your time-honored festival, from the lateness of the hour that I have received your letter. I shall therefore be deprived of the pleasure of being present on the occasion. With great respect, your obedient servant,

R. E. LEE.