From the 9 February 1871 issue of the The New York Times.

Inauguration of Gen. G. W. Custis Lee as President of Washington and Lee College.

Gen. G. W. CUSTIS LEE was inaugurated as President of Washington and Lee College, Virginia, on Monday morning. The chapel was filled with students, ladies and citizens, and on the platform were members of the Board of Trustees and Faculty of the University and the Faculty of the Virginia Military Institute. Judge BROCKENBROUGH, of the Trustees, delivered an address and administered the oath of office. He spoke of the sad loss the University had sustained in the death of its late President, Gen. ROBERT E. LEE, and alluded to the unanimity with which the general public had agreed with the Board in the propriety of the selection of Gen. CUSTIS LEE as his successor. The latter responded as follows: “I cannot but be grateful, Sir, for the kind sentiments you have been pleased to express in my behalf. However little I may deserve them, I am sincerely anxious to meet your expectations to the fullest extent. Solemnly realizing the duties and responsibilities of the position I am about to take, I ask the honored body which you represent, and of the Faculty and students of this institution, their promised assistance and co-operation, and earnestly praying for Divine guidance, I accept the trust committed to my charge, and am now ready to take the required oath of office.”