From the 7 October 1871 issue of The New York Times.

A Pretended Nephew of Robert E. Lee Flouishes for a Season in Tennessee.

The Nashville Banner says that several months since one Capt. S. ADAMS LEE introduced himself to the citizens of Murfreesboro and vicinity as a cousin of the lamented Gen. R. E. LEE, and as Captain of the Merrimac in the late war. He had but one leg, and this, coupled with the delivery of several lectures ostensibly in behalf of the Lee Memorial Fund, added to his popularity, and he was elected Professor in Soule College, received a license to preach, and became a great man. Soon afterward he made some remarks on the cars derogatory to the character of the ladies and citizens in general of Murfreesboro. Mr. E. G. BUDD and Rev. Dr. HALSELL having heard and repeated the remarks of Capt. LEE, he was called upon to explain them and exculpate himself. He wrote to “his cousin,” Gen. G. W. C. LEE, to testify as to his character, &c., &c. At the same time he denied having made the statements reported by Mr. BUDD and Dr. HALSELL, whereupon Mr. BUDD wrote to Gen. FITZHUGH LEE, to see who the Captain was. In reply to Mr. BUDD’s letter, the following was received from Gen. FITZHUGH LEE:

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Sept. 19, 1871.

Mr. E. G. Budd:

MY DEAR SIR: Your note followed me from Lexington to this place, and was only received yesterday. I have to reply that we have no one in our family named S. ADAMS LEE—nor have I ever heard of such a person before. Yours, respectfully,


About the same time, Rev. Dr. MOORE, of Soule College, received the following, which purported to be from Gen. G. W. C. Lee, strongly indorsing him as a generous, brave, high-toned man, incapable of a mean action, whom he had known from boyhood. A letter was thereupon sent to the President of the Washington-Lee College, and the following reply received:

LEXINGTON, Va., Sept. 26, 1871.

Reese K. Henderson, Esq., Editor Murfreesboro News:

DEAR SIR: Your note of the 23d inst. inclosing copy of two letters in reference to “CAPT. S. ADAMS LEE was received this morning. The letter of the 15th inst. to Rev. Dr. MOORE, signed G. W. C. LEE, was neither written by me nor by my authority. I cannot vouch for the truth of any of the statements it contains, and know several of them to be false. Very respectfully and truly,

G. W. C. LEE.

Of course Capt. S. ADAMS LEE has abandoned his class in the Soule College, and sought new fields.