From the 16 October 1893 issue of The New York Times.


—Gov. Jones relates that shortly before Appomattox Gen. Robert E. Lee astonished a young Confederate staff officer by looking quite intently at him and asking if “those people surprised your command this morning?” The officer was taken aback at the queswtion, for he had just reported that the troops were in good order, and he replied “No,” and asked if such a report had come to him. Gen. Lee answered that he had received no such report, but that, “judging from appearances something urgent must have prevented you young men about headquarters from making your toilets this morning,” and he pointed to the officer’s cavalry boots, the leg of one being outside the trousers, while on the other the leather was half stuffed inside. The young officer’s face turned red as he saluted and started off, but Gen. Lee called him back and said he intended only to caution him as to the duty of officers, especially those near persons of high command, to avoid anything on a retreat which might look like evidences of demoralization.