From the 13 January 1896 issue of The New York Times.


Gen. Sickles, Col. Fellows, and Ashbel P. Fitch Will Speak.

The sixth annual banquet of the Confederate Veteran Camp of New-York, in honor of the anniversary of the birthday of Gen. Robert E. Lee, will be given in the Colonial Dining Hall of the St. Denis Hotel Jan. 18. Responses to regular toasts will be made by Gen. Daniel E. Sickles, Ashel P. Fitch, Col. John R. Fellows, and William S. Keiley. Some brilliant impromptu speeches will follow, “Suwanee River” and “Dixie” will be sung, and all will join the chorus.

Among those expected to be present are Gen. Daniel Butterfield, Gen. Anson G. McCook, C. C. Baldwin, Henry C. Miner, Gen. C. H. T. Collis, Col. Fred D. Grant, Gen. Fitz John Porter, Amos J. Cummings, the Rev. Dr. G. S. Baker, Edwin B. Hay of Washington, Adjt. G. H. Wyatt of the “Old Guard,” Admiral Samuel Amman, and Commodore B. S. Osbon of Farragut Association of Naval Veterans; H. W. Knight of Grant Post, G.A.R.; R. T. Wilson, Orme Wilson, John H. Inman, Col. John S. Wise, Col. John C. Calhoun, John Ingram, James Swan, J. C. Latham, John R. Abney, President Southern Society; C. G. Wilson, Col. A. G. Dickinson, Hugh L. Cole, Dr. G. T. Harrison, Hugh R. Garden, Dr. J. H. Parker, Charles E. Deshon, and Dr. J. Harvie Dew.