From the 28 March 1896 issue of The New York Times.


It Is Soon to be Placed in the Rooms of the Southern Club.

Gen. Robert E. Lee’s admirers are delighted with a recently completed bust of the Confederate leader now to be seen in the studio of Frederick Moyniham of this city. A copy of this bust in marble is to be placed in the Southern Club rooms here and another copy in either bronze or marble will go to the City of Richmond to adorn a publica square or municipal building.

Bust of Robert E. Lee.
To be Placed in the Southern Club’s Rooms.

Sculptor Moyniham has taken exceptional care to make a good likeness of the Confederate leader, and he has been aided by prominent members of the Southern colony in this city and relatives in the South of Gen. Lee. Photographs from which the sculptor worked are said to be the only ones in existence which portray the man as he is remembered by those who knew him intimately. Several wearers of the gray who fought in Gen. Lee’s various commands have inspected the new bust, and find it an excellent likeness.

The Confederate General was undeniably a handsome officer, and the bust does him full justice. Several Southern cities, through their municipal officials, are now in communication with the sculptor in relation to procuring copies of the bust, heroic size, for public libraries and other city institutions.