From the 9 May 1898 issue of The New York Times.

Picture of Robert E. Lee Injured.

From The Richmond (Va.) Dispatch.

The beautiful picture of Gen. Lee, after his surrender at Appomattox, painted by Gerhardaz, the artist who is now engaged in the interior decoration of the National Library Building at Washington, which was placed in Lee Camp Hall some months ago by a brother of Col. Morton Marye, fell some during Thursday night, and a bad puncture was made in the canvas. The picture hung on the east wall of the camp hall, just north of the main entrance. The janitor found it lying face down across some chairs, and the knob of one of the chairs had broken the canvas, making a gaping hole just above Gen. Lee’s head. Mr. Marye has been notified of the accident, and will probably have the picture repaired. It is a beautiful piece of work, and is valued at $2,000.