From the 8 April 1905 issue of The New York Times.

Books That Sell Well.

Doubleday, Page & Co. have just printed a sixth edition of the “Recollections and Letters of Gen. Robert E. Lee,” by his son, Capt. Robert E. Lee; and a third edition of H. B. Marriott Watson’s sea romance, “Hurricane Island.”

The Macmillan Company is issuing a second edition of Sara Andrew Shafer’s new book, “Beyond Chance of Change”; a new edition of Dr. John W. Streeter’s “Fat of the Land”; and the third edition of Mrs. Roger A. Pryor’s “Reminiscences of Peace and War.” This book, the publishers report, has been received with much praise in England.

McClure, Phillips &38; Co. are publishing a fifth edition of Edwin Lefevre’s “Wall Street Stories,” and a third edition of “The Flower Garden,” by Ida D. Bennett, which is the third volume in the Country Home Library.

G. P. Putnam’s Sons announce that Miss Elisabeth Luther Cary’s “Emerson, Poet and Thinker,” which was issued by them in holiday form last Christmas, has gone into another edition.

D. Appleton & Co. have sent to press the twentieth edition of Elinor Macartney Lane’s “Nancy Stair,” an edition of which was recently ordered by William Heinemann of London; a new edition of “The Universal Cyclopaedia and tlas,” and the second edition of Mary B. Langton’s “How to Know Oriental Rugs.”