From the 23 January 1908 issue of The New York Times.


Confederate Veterans Want Demorcrats to Nominate the Senator.

Rounds of applause greeted the suggestion by Commander Owen of the local Camp of Confederate Veterans at the Waldorf last night that if the Democratic Party has any common sense it would nominate John W. Daniel of Virginia as its next candidate. Mr. Owen made this suggestion when he introduced Senator Daniel as the principal speaker of the evening.

There were some 500 guests at the annual dinner of the society, which was given in celebration of the birthday of Gen. Robert E. Lee, which occurred on Jan. 19, and they made merry with Confederate yells and songs.

Senator Daniel lauded the South, Gen. Lee, and, above all, lauded the Union. Robert E. Lee, Jr., son of Gen. W. H. F. Lee, for many years a member of the Virginia Legislature, and grandson of the Confederate Chieftain, followed him, who, in turn, was followed by Gen. Stewart L. Woodford, who took “A Look Backward” and paid a tribute to the reunited country.

The guests of honor were:

Rear Admiral Caspar F. Goodrich, U.S.N., Commandant Col. Robert Lee Howze of West Point, Senator John W. Daniel of Virginia, Gen. Stewart L. Woodford, Col. Justus N. Williams, the Rev. George S. Baker, Bruce L. Rice, President of the Tennessee Society; William A. Barber, President of the South Carolinans; the Rev. J. Nevitt Steele, President of the Maryland Society; Bedell Parker, President of the Georgia Society; Robert E.Lee, Jr., and John A Wyeth, President of the Southern Soceity of New York.

After the dinner there was a dance in the Astor Gallery.