From the 19 February 1911 issue of The New York Times.


150 to Enter West Point, Including a Namesake of Robert E. Lee.
Special to The New York Times.

WEST POINT, Feb. 18.—The new class of cadets soon to be admitted to the United States Military Academy will be the largest in the history of the institution, numbering over 150 young men from every State of the Union.

Among the candidates is the first Robert Edward Lee to enter West Point in eighty-six years. The other Robert Edward Lee, who became Superintendent of West Point and later Commander in Chief of the Confederate Army, entered the Academy in 1825, and was graduated at the head of his class four years later.

The present Robert Edward Lee, who will enter with the next class, is not a Virginian, as was the famous Confederate commander, but a native of North Carolina, nor is he a direct descendant of the Confederate General, although a member of the same family. The only male descendant of Stonewall Jackson, Lee’s greatest corps commander, is now a cadet at West Point and will be graduated in June. He is Thomas Jonathan Jackson Christian, Gen. Jackson’s grandson.

The names of many of the most famous of the commanders in the civil war are already perpetuated in the Army—that of Gen. Grant by his son, Maj. Gen. F. D. Grant, and his grandson Ulysses S. Grant 3d, who as Gen. Grant was, are West Pointers; Sheridan by his son, Lieut. P. H. Sheridan of the Second Cavalry; Gen. James M. Schofield by his son, Richmond McA. Schofield; Lieut. Gen. Joe Wheeler, C.S.A., afterward a Major General, U.S.A., in the Spanish war, by his son, Capt. Joe Wheeler, Jr., of the Coast Artillery, and Major Gen. Henry W. Slocum, U.S.A., by Major Herbert J. and Stephen L. Slocum. The name of Sherman does not appear in the active list.

Lieut. Col. Frederick W. Sladen of the Fourteenth Infantry, the new Commandant of Cadets, has begun his duties as head of the Tactical Department, succeeding Lieut. Col. Frederick W. Sibley, who has been designated for duty as an Inspector General. Col. and Mrs. Sladen, with their children, are now the guests of Capt. Davis, who recently succeeded Capt. O. J. Charles, Seventeenth Infantry, as Adjutant of the Academy. They will soon move into the quarters vacated by Col. Sibley.