From the 24 August 1913 issue of The New York Times.


Veteran’s Menu.

[“]SPEAKING of fried chicken, hot biscuit, and peach cobbler,” said the Confederate veteran, “you may recall Gen. Robert E. Lee’s famous dictum:

” ‘Bring me fried chicken. Not one fried chicken, not two fried chickens. Just fried chicken—unlimited fried chicken.’

“Corn fritters and sweet potatoes are a part of fried chicken in my opinon.

“Some people lay great stress on the hot biscuit casualty list, but I am willing to take two dozen risks at a sitting in case the biscuit is small, flaky, white inside like snow, hot, with plenty of firm, prime butter.

“Peach cobbler is best served in a soup bowl, and it should nearly fill the bowl. There shold be always a pitcher of sauce flavored with vanilla, wine, and highly sweetened.

“The sauce never has enough wine in it. To overcome this defect pour a quantity of the sauce over the cobbler and then add a wine glass full of old Burgundy.

“O, yum!”