From the 7 June 1914 issue of The New York Times.


Valuable Misinformation.

IN the large dining room of the Hotel Marseilles hangs a large equestrian painting representing Gen. Robert E. Lee. It is the mascot of the Hungry Club, which has its dinners at monthly intervals at this hotel, and was painted by a member of the club.

Recently a lady on the west side gave a bridge party at the hotel in aid of pet charity. Among the playerrs was a modern Mrs. Malaprop, a typical “climber” with considerably less education than cash. Consequently she was never backward with misinformation on most any subject that came up. During a cessation in the play one of the ladies expressed admiration of the picture and a desire to know whom it represented.

It was Mrs. Malaprop’s opportunity.

“That, my dear,” she assertively explained, “is Gen. Marseilles, a noted Frenchman, for whom the hotel is name.”