From the 15 December 1916 issue of The New York Times.


Each Young American to Give 1 Cent Under Mr. Altheimer’s Plan.
Special to The New York Times.

NORFOLK, Va., Dec. 14.—The movement to erect a peace bell at Washington, D.C., in a great tower crowned with statues of Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, was again brought to the attention of the delegates to the Southern Commercial Congress here today in an address by Ben Altheimer of St. Louis and New York City. Mr. Altheimer is active Chairman of the American Peace Bell Committee of the congress, with President Wilson as Honorary Chairman.

This committee was appointed at the seventh annual convention of the congress at Charleston, S.C., in December, 1915. It was created to devise “ways and means of presenting to the nation a peace bell, with the message written thereon from the Scriptures, ‘Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men,’ to commemorate the semi-centennial of peace in the United States, and as a token of love and affection that unite the American people and to tell future generations that mutual forbearance is the harbinger of peace and that in unity lies strength.” Governors of forty-eight States were appointed honorary members of the committee, its executive officials including Mr. Altheimer, Duncan U. Fletcher, Vice Chairman, Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, Mortimer N. Buckner, and Clarence J. Owens.

In order to bring the movement to the attention of the children of the country and to impress them with the beauty and significance of the undertaking, the committee will request each pupil to contribute one cent toward the erection of the bell.

“From the pile of coppers thus offered on the shrine of patriotism,” said Mr. Altheimer in his speech today, “the Peace Bell is to rise, housed in a majestic Peace Tower, adorned with the statues of two great Americans, Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, together with the never-to-be-forgotten words, ‘Let us ahve Peace.’

“May the peace bell of 1916 prove worthy of the Liberty Bell of 1776! May they complement one another and symbolize our consciousness that liberty and peace combined will lead mankind to the realization of an eternal ideal of humanity—the divine message of ‘Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men’!”

Quoting from an address deliverd by him at the Commercial Congress of 1916, Mr. Altheimer expressed gratification that feelings of enmity brought on by the civil war had been so completely eradicated and that the new consciousness of the nation was for freindship toward all men.

The congress approved the report of the Peace Bell Committee.

The invitation of the Merchants’ Association to hold the next annual meeting in New York City was accepted by the congress.