Francis Lightfoot Lee Biography, from the Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography

Francis Lightfoot Lee

Note: The following is taken from volume 2 of the Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography (New York, 1915; p. 19), edited by Lyon Gardiner Tyler.

Lee, Francis Lightfoot, was born at Stratford, Westmoreland county, Virginia, October 14, 1734, son of Hon. Thomas and Hannah (Ludwell) Lee. He was educated at Stratford by Rev. Mr. Craig, a Scotch clergyman. He became a member of the house of burgesses for Loudoun county, and with his brother, in 1765, signed the Westmoreland declaration against the Stamp Act. Upon his marriage to Rebecca, daughter of Colonel John Tayloe, of Richmond county, in 1772, he made that county his home, and was elected to represent it in the house of burgesses. He succeeded Colonel Richard Bland as delegate to the Continental Congress, August 15, 1775, serving 1775–79. He signed the Declaration of Independence, assisted in preparing the articles of confederation, and defended the rights of the states to the Newfoundland fisheries and the free navigation of the Mississippi river. He retired from Congress in the spring of 1779, and resumed his duties as master of extensive estates, and as justice of the peace of Richmond county. He represented the county in the state legislature for one or two terms. He died in Richmond county. April 3, 1797. He was sixth son of President Thomas Lee.

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