Thomas Ludwell Lee Biography, from the Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography

Thomas Ludwell Lee

Note: The following is taken from volume 2 of the Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography (New York, 1915; p. 22), edited by Lyon Gardiner Tyler.

Lee, Thomas Ludwell, fourth son of Thomas Lee, and Hannah Ludwell, his wife, was born at “Stratford,” in Westmoreland county, December 13, 1730. Nothing is known of his school days, but it is highly probable that he was sent to England for his education, as were most of his brothers. He studied law, and practiced in the courts. He removed to Stafford county, and represented that county in the house of burgesses in the assemblies of 1758–1761, and 1761–1765, and in the conventions of July and December, 1775, and May, 1776. He was a member of the committee of safety in 1775, and in the convention of 1776 served on the committee which drew up the bill of rights and the plan for an independent state. He was one of the five revisors appointed by the general assembly in 1777, and was judge of the general court. He died at his home, “Bellevue,” in Stafford county, April 13, 1778. He married Anne Aylett, daughter of William Aylett, and left seven children.

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