Title Author Date
1 View Letters from G. W. P. Custis to George Washington, 1797–1798 1912
2 View Washington as a Strategist Henry B. Carrington 1881
3 View Preliminary Investigation of the Alleged Ancesty of George Washington Joseph Lemuel Chester 1866
4 View Recollections and Private Memoirs of Washington George Washington Parke Custis 1859
5 View “The Man Behind the Gun” New! John Warnock Echols 1917
6 View Virginians on Olympus. IV. George Washington: America’s First Demigod Marshall W. Fishwick 1951
7 View General Washington Bradley T. Johnson 1894
8 View Washington and Lincoln Martin W. Littleton 1906
9 View General Washington and Houdon R. Walton Moore 1933
10 View Washington’s, Interest in Education Julia K. Ordway 1890
11 View Second Life of Washington Samuel Osgood 1866
12 View Mount Vernon and Its Preservation, 1858–1910 Thomas Nelson Page 1910
13 View George Washington: A Character Sketch Eugene Parsons 1898
14 View Words of Washington Selected James Parton 1872
15 View George Washington as a Man of Letters James Hosmer Penniman 1918
16 View Washington A Model In His Library and Life Eliphalet Nott Potter 1895
17 View Washington West of the Blue Ridge John W. Wayland 1940
18 View William Graham Biographical Sketch Henry Alexander White 1911