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William Graham Biographical Sketch
Henry Alexander White


[1] The Journal of the House for November 23. 1782, contains the following: “Mr. Thornton presented from Committee for Religion

“ ‘A petition of the trustees of Liberty Hall Academy, in the county of Rockbridge; setting forth that they are possessed of land and other property, and conceive it would be a great advantage to the institution to incorporate the same; and praying that an act may pass to that effect.’

“Referred to Committee.”

The Journal for November 27, 1782, quotes: “Charles Carter
reported from Com.

“That it is the opinion of this Com. that the petition of the trustees of Liberty Hall Academy, praying an act of incorporation to enable them and their successors more effectually to encourage and promote literature, and that the professors, masters and students thereof, under the age of twenty-one years, may be exempted from military drafts, is reasonable.”

Journal for December 13, 1782: “Engrossed bill ‘for incorporating the rector and trustees of Liberty Hall Academy’ was read third time;” then the motion to pass prevailed.

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