Staunton: April 27. 1861

My dear General

                                Allow an old friend of your self and yours to introduce to you kindly regards John H. Mc Cue Esq formerly of Staunton but now of Nelson County – Mr. Mc Cue is a gentleman of very high character, of sterling integrity, & of unflinching firmness and courage: and is ardently anxious to serve his native State in some military post –  He has not had a military education; being a lawyer by profession; but I am sure animated by the fearless spirit of a true Virginian, he would discharge his duties with discretion and with intrepid valour. I know not whether any post at your disposal would be suitable for him: I write this letter chiefly, that he may be enabled to refer to you in case of need:  and I can assure you that you may endorse him as a gentleman, a man of honor and intellect, and of fine chivalric courage – None rejoice more than myself that Virginia’s honor and safety are, in a great measure, confided to your keeping: May God guide and protect you and enable you to achieve victory andvpeace!                                 

                                                   Your friend

                                                   Hugh W. Sheffey                                                


Major Gen R. E. Lee 

I have known John H. Mc Cue all his life & I know him to be a high toned honorable gentleman & a man who has as much of the soldier in his composition as any one I ever knew.  He could not fail to make a bold, dashing officer in any branch of the service –


                                     John B. Baldwin

                                          April 29/61




I not only concur in all that Mr Sheffey and Col. Baldwin have said above but I endorse Mr. Mc Cue more cordially than I would almost any other living man I know him as intimately as I do any brother I have, and feel the deepest anxiety for his success in getting into the military service of the State –

                                John D. Imboden

                                Capt Artillery



Richmond Ap-l 30th 1861

                It affords me much satisfaction, to be enabled to endorse fully & heartily all that is herein before said of  Mr. Mc Cue – Sam M Garland member of the Convention from Amherst In the above I cordially concur

                                Roger A. Pryor



     I cordially concur in the recommendation of Mr. Mc Cue –

                                J. R. [ – ]


[The above is written on lined blue paper.  One quarter of the paper has been torn off.]


[In this same folder is a note from Lee, who refers the request to Colonel Thomas J. Jackson. The paper on which this note is written is cut from the above letter. The text of this note is as follows:]



     At the desire of Mr Mc Cue this letter & the object of the writer is referred to Col Jackson, in such aid as he can give

                                     R E Lee

                                     Major Gn



Source: Lee Papers, Alderman Library, University of Virginia


Transcribed by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards, 2001. Uploaded by Colin Woodward, 2015 December 28