Instructions for Wm. Lee Sergeants & John McClure (1783)


You are to take immidiate charge of the Fort, buildings & publick property now remaining at the Post of McIntoch for & in behalf of the State of Pennsylvania, (except two peices of Iron Cannon & some water Casks the property of the United States) and three thousand acres of land reserved for the use of said State; when the tract is Surveyed you will attend & make yourselves acquainted with the lines, in the mean time you will consider it extending two miles up & down the River & two miles back you will take care that no waste is committed or Timber cut down or carried off the premises and prohibit buildings to be made or any persons making Settlements or to reside thereon, or from even Hunting Encampments, nor are any more families to be permitted than your own to live in the Barracks or on any part of the Tract. In case of necessity for reoccupying the post for the United States, you are to give up the Fort to the Orders of the Commanding Continental Officer at this place, retaining only such part of the buildings as may be necessary for you to live in. But if the Troops should be so numerous as not to afford room for you. You will in that case occupy the Buildings without the Works, or build for yourselves on some convenient place, but you will on no account whatever quit the place without orders from the Executive Council of Pennsylvania or their agent so to do whose directions you will hereafter obey in all matters relative to said Post & tract of land. In case of lawless violence or persons attempting to settle by force or presuming to destroy any thing on the primises you will apply to Michael Hoofnagle Esquire or some other justice of the peace for Westmoreland County.

For your Care and trouble in performing the several matters herein required, you may put in Grain & labour any quantity of ground not exceeding one hundred acres, and keep or raise stock to the number of fifty head of horned Cattle & Eight Horses. You will govern yourselves by these instructions until the pleasure of the Hon’ble Council is signified to you and you will give up peaceable possession to them or their order whenever they think proper.


Given under my hand at

Fort Pitt Septr. 23rd 1783

            Wm. Irvine B: Genl


We severally engage to conform to the foregoing instructions to us by General I[rvine]

Witness John Rose                                                      H[arry]Lee

                                                                            Jno McClure








Source: The Archives of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation, Papers of the Lee Family, Box 2, M2009.064



Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2016 March 24