More than 3,600 letters, legal documents, books, and other papers are available at the Lee Family Digital Archive. We are in the process of adding new documents to our database daily. Items added before September 2015 are found at this link.

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Author    Recipient/SubjectDateOriginal
Extracted from the Register of Alveley Commencing 1561    Extracted from the Register of Alveley Commencing 15611712 
Richard Lee    Landon Carter1734 November 25Richard Lee to Landon CarterPage 2
Thomas Lee    Henry Lee1737 September 10Thomas Lee to Henry Lee, 1737 September 10, Page 2
Philip Ludwell Lee    Ledger1743-1783 
Philip Ludwell Lee    Ledger Index1743-1783 
Judy Hynson    What the Philip Ludwell Lee Ledger Tells Us2019 
Thomas Lee    Probate Inventory1758 
Hannah Lee Corbin    Lord Fairfaxca. 1760Hannah Lee Corbin to Lord Fairfax, ca. 1760
John Bland    Hannah Lee Corbin1766 March 18John Bland to Hannah Lee Corbin
Richard Henry Lee    Arthur Lee1770 April 5Not available
Elizabeth Steptoe Lee     Robert “Councillor” Carter1770 October 29 
Richard Henry Lee    William Lee1771 June 24 
Francis Lightfoot Lee    William Lee1771 July 14 
William Lee    Account of the Lee Family1771 SeptemberAccount 1771 September, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5
William Lee    Harry Lee1771 October 26William Lee to Harry LeePage 2
Francis Lightfoot Lee    William Lee1773 July 2 
John Wentworth    Benjamin Smith1774 April 23 
George Lee    William Lee1774 July 13George Lee to William Lee
Lancelot Lee    William Lee1774 July 13Lancelot Lee to William LeePage 2
John Bland    Hannah Lee Corbin1776 March 18 
Philip Ludwell Lee    Probate Inventory of Enslaved People1776 March 20 
Richard Henry Lee    Patrick Henry1776 December 3 
Charles Lee    William Lawrence1777 March 29Charles Lee to William Lawrence
Richard Henry Lee    Samuel H. Davidson1777 May 10 
Arthur Lee    Francis Lightfoot Lee1777 October 7 
Richard Henry Lee    Patrick Henry1777 October 8 
Richard Henry Lee    Hannah Lee Corbin1778 March 18Elizabeth Steptoe Lee to Robert-Carter, III, 1778 October 29
Elizabeth Steptoe Lee    Robert Carter, III1778 October 29 
James Lovell    Arthur Lee1779 June 13 
George Washington    Light Horse Harry Lee1779 September 1George Washington to Light Horse HarryPage 2 
Thomas Sim Lee    Commissioners of Frederick County1780 April 29Thomas Sim Lee to the Commissioners of Frederick CountyPage 2
Richard Henry Lee    Sam Adams1781 April [no day] 
Richard Henry Lee    George Weedon1781 May 10 
Philip Ludwell Lee    Division of Estate (Slave Lists)1782 
Richard Henry Lee    Memorandum Book, Part I1777-1782 
Richard Henry Lee    Memorandum Book, Part II1782-1784 
Richard Henry Lee    Memorandum Book, Part III1784-1786 
Richard Henry Lee    Memorandum Book, Part IV1786 
Richard Henry Lee    Memorandum Book, Part V1786-1787 
Richard Henry Lee    Memorandum Book, Part VI1787-1791 
Nathanel Greene    Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambau1782 February 18 
Squire Richard Lee    Unknown1782 November 6 
Philip Lee    Robert Carter1783 July 10Philip Lee to Robert Carter
William Irvine    William Lee Sergeants1783 September 23 
Charles Thomson    William Greene1784 November 30 
Richard Bland Lee    William Augustine Washington1784 December 16Richard Bland Lee to William Augustine WashingtonPage 2Page 3
William Boon    William Augustine Washington1788 June 11 
Richard Henry Lee    Editor, Alexandria GazettePre-1789Richard H. Lee to Editor, Alexandria GazettePage 2
Samuel Osgood, Walter Livingston, and Arthur Lee    Benjamin Walker1789 September 8 
Benjamin Walker    Samuel Osgood, Walter Livingston, Arthur Lee1789 September 9 
George Washington    Light Horse Harry Lee1790 August 27 
Indenture    Indenture1790 November 19 
Thomas Lee, Sr.    Robert Carter1790 November 26Thomas Lee, Sr. to Robert CarterPage 2Page 3
Richard Bland Lee    Charles Lee1791 February 15 
Ludwell Lee    Robert Carter1791 May 24 
Charles Lee    Edmund Jennings Lee1791 December 28 
Light Horse Harry Lee    Reuben George1792 March 7 
Light Horse Harry Lee    Unknown1792 November 11 
Thomas Lee    Richard Henry Lee1793 April 6 
Ludwell Lee    William Lee1793 December 15 
Light Horse Harry Lee    John Fitzgerald1794 April 19 
Light Horse Harry Lee    Unknown1794 April 27 
Charles Lee    William A. Washington1794 June 24 
Edmund J. Lee    Unknown1794 July 19 
Richard Henry Lee    Probate Inventory of Enslaved People1794 August 
Unknown    Sally1794 October 19 
George Washington    Light Horse Harry Lee1794 October 20 
Light Horse Harry Lee    John Fitzgerald1794 November 9 
Charles Lee    Corbin Washington1795 June 20Charles Lee to Corbin WashingtonPage 2
Joseph Simpson    Deed for Slave1795 September 12 
Portia Lee Hodgson    Zaccheus Collins1798 
William Sullivan    Charles Lee1798 February 5 
Light Horse Harry Lee    William Sullivan1799 April 30