May 30, 56

Mrs Lee


Your son has been under my care at times during the past year, being ill with attacks of Intermittent fever. Though not severely ill considering the nature of the malady, during the attacks themselves, the ordinary measures of precaution do not seem to be successful in warding them off.

                In accordance therefore with your expressed wishes on the subject Mr Lee thinks it admirable to leave this climate for a while.

                The college faculty recommend this course & under the circumstances, my own judgment concurs in it.

                It is proper to add that Mr. Lee is not at this moment ill a apprehensive of another attack at present and that the [illegible] is a matter of precaution.

                Very respectfully

                Madam, your obdtservt

                Mr. Otis Johnson[1]




Source: Lee Family Papers, Folder 9, Mss1 L51c 156, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond



Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2016 April 7


[1] The 1860 census shows an Othello Otis Johnson (1817-1882), who was listed as a physician in Framingham, Massachusetts.