Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Richard Henry Lee

Dear Sir:

This letter will be delivered to you, by the Chevalier Dannemours,1 who, if I am not mistaken in my judgment, has something more in view than preferment. In the course of two days conversation with him, he appears to me, to be a man of superior abilities to the common run of his countrymen, who have visited us. He is sensible and judicious, and as far as I am capable of judging, well instructed in the political and commercial principles of most European states. He has letters of recommendation from Dr. Franklin, professes to be a warm friend to the rights of mankind, and, as such, ready to give any aid in his power to the cause we are engaged in.

I mean this is a letter of introduction only, and am, etc.2


1 Chevalier D’Anmours. He did not succeed in obtaining a place in the Army, but became French consul in Maryland.

2 The text is from Memoir of the Life of Richard Henry Lee and His Correspondence.