Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Philip Mazzei

"Of your patriotism, and ability to serve America, I have no doubt, and have so spoken to my friends in Congress, but whilst I was last in Virginia all the appointments were filled up & sent."1


Transcription, microfilm, Mazzei Papers, Library of Congress. In the hand of Philip Mazzei.

1 Mazzei had written to Lee August 25, 1777, offering to serve America abroad in some unspecified capacity. Lee's response does not survive, but Mazzei appended the above extract from it at the end of his file copy of his letter, with the explanation: "Copy of a paragraph in answer to the above, dated Philadelphia Septr. 9, 1777." For Lee's view of Mazzei's possible employment abroad, see also these Letters, 11:22 - 23n.3.