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Francis Lightfoot Lee:
Virginia Gentleman and Forgotten Patriot

Margaret Elizabeth Gillie

Submitted to the Department of History
Mary Washington College
In Partial Requirement
For a Degree with Honors in History
Margaret Elizabeth Gillie
April 27, 1982


Acknowledgments [Omitted]
Framcis Lightfoot Lee: Virginia Gentleman and Forgotten Patriot
Critical Essay on Sources


The primary sources in this paper have been cite by date rather than by page number, since those sources which are on microfilm have been filmed chronologically with no pagination. Citing sources by date also allows the reader to check references in forms that are more readily available than those that have been used here. For instance, there have been at least two separate publications of Landon Carter's diary. The proceedings of the House of Burgesses can usually be found reported in the Virginia Gazette, on easily accessible microfilm, as well as in the bound Journals, which are more convenient to use, but sometimes difficult to find. Obvious abbreviations within quotations have been lengthened to their normal form. Eighteenth-century spellings within quotations have not been changed.


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