Invoice of goods to be sent Richard Henry Lee by William Lee Esqr. of London Merchant by the return of the Liberty. June the 24th 1771.

A long Cloak or Wrapper for myself such as I had made at Williamsburg whilst Doctr. Lee lived there after the pattern of one of his. This cloak to come in ready made, and to be Duffil, the color, any dark cloth color. I have seen of this Duffil that was pretty fine, very thick, warm and light, and which I was assured would turn rain as drab. 70 lbs. of British brown linnen. 2 pieces of Irish linnen. At 3s/ sterling pr Yard 1 piece at 1 s/6d. A dozen red spotted cambrick handkerchiefs 20 yards of Haccabac 6 quarters wide. 4 pr. of Womens stockings, the best that can be got for 3s/ a pair. 4 pr. of the same sort of Stockings for a girl 7 years old and 4 pair for a Girl 5 years old at 2s/ a pair 2 pr. of Callimanes & 2 pair of Leather shoes a piece for same Girls. A piece of printed linen the best that can be got for 2s/ a yard, for children. 8 yards of fine blue durante for under coats for children. A fine durante quilted pettycoat for Mrs. Lee the color to be red green or black. Half a piece of stamped Cotton for Mrs. Lee, the best and handsomest that can be got for 3/sterg a yard. A Mock Garnet necklace for Mrs. Lee. A blue necklace a piece for each of my girls Molly & Hannah & one for my little Nancy a year old. Half dozen flowers for head dress. A genteel Fan for Mrs. Lee and One a piece for the tow girls. 7000 sorted pins, 500 Milliners Needles. 3 best yard silk laces. 1 piece of diaper tape, 2 ounces of Sco. Nuns thread at 8d; 2 ounced at 12, 1 lb whited brown thread 5 lbs. of Oznaburb thread. 2 finest Ivory dandriff combs. 2 best buckling combs 2 groce of velvet bottling corke. 2 Chamois skins such as breeches are lined with but of the finest kind. A Dutch Oven of size sufficient for our family as Mr. Lee may guess. One hogshead of best Port Wine, a drawback allowed, as I understand a sufficient number will send for this wine to warrant paying the Custom House fee. Let the Cask of Wine be put into a Cask large enough to fill in a little straw or hay round it and write on the outward Cask Earthern Ware. 60 lbs of double and 40 lbs of single refined sugar exportation duty allowed. 50 staple ringles and an hundred wire ringles for hog noses. 12000 eight and 2000 ten penny nails. 10 best broad hoes and as many hilling hoes, let these be examined before put up, for in general they are sent so small and bad that they are quite unfit for use. 2 pair of good wool cards and 1 pair of the finest and best cotton cards. 2 dozen best black oiled pistol flints. 3 lbs of best true Violet Strasburg rappee snuff. Half a peck of Morotto peas and as many Early golden Hotspur peas. Seeds or roots (whichever is best to convey them here) of the following flowers. Snow drop, Polyanthus, Auricula, Anemone, Ranunculus, and Carnation.—Both the Moss Rose bushes, and the Alpine Strawberry roots all died, send a few more put up in the best manner. A Carboy of White wine vinegar, but let it be put up in a wicker’d glass Carboy, and not in an Earthen Jugg as the last was, 2 lb of black pepper and a quarter of a pound of Nutmegs. ¼ lb Sticks of best Dutch Sealing Wax. A Ream of Foolscap common writing paper, ½ a Ream of fine folio post paper, ½ a Ream of Gilt paper and a Ream of course whited brown paper such as Grocers use for wrapping. 6 Ale Glasses, 1 dozen neat Wine glasses. A book called “The case of Ireland being bound by Acts of Parliament in England stated” with a new preface published 1770. A treatise on the disorders of the teeth and gums by T. Berdmore. Biographical history of Patriots by Harris & Burke with an Appendix & Heads Printed by Evans in Pater Noster Row. Fordyce’s Sermons for Women. Fortescue on limited and absolute Monarchy. An unfortunate mothers advice to her absent daughter in a letter to Miss Pennington.[1] Any other curious new books. Four strong Sacken Bags to hold about three bushels a piece. 1 brace of long pipes. 2 lbs. of the best smoking Tobacco. 2 quarts of the best, & freshest Olive oil for a sallad, in pint quart bottles. Of the best Seine twine sufficient to make a Seine of 40 fathoms. One largest round wire rat Trap. Twelve Table knives and as many forks of good mettle with plain stained wood handles. 10 lbs of Whiting for cleaning plate. Four strongest iron curry combs with 2 brushes. 12 plain plaited wine Stocks such as I once bought of Mr. Wm. Lee but rather finer. ½ a lb of Cake blue. 2 lbs of best Jesuits Bark in powder, this from Apothecary’s Hall.—As you choose for what follows. 6 oz extract of Gentian. 6 ounces crude Sal Armoniac. 1 lb Spanish flies. 1 lb Squills. James’s powder a guinea’s worth. Turlingtons balsam ½ a pint. Best Rhubarb 1 ounce. Magnesia Alba 6 ounces. Emetic Tartar 2 ounces. Crude Antimony 6 s/ worth. Flower of Sulphur 3d/- Vol. Salt Hartshorn 6 ounces. Salt Tartar 8 ounces. Sulois Basilicus 6 ounces. 2 rolls of simple dyachilon. Vitriolated Tartar in Crystals 10 ounces. ½ lb of Glaubers Salt. 8 ounces of Dalby’s Elixir, 8 ounces Tinctura Sacra & 4 ounces Tincture of Rhubarb. Tincture Guicaum 4 ounces. Tincture of Antimony accord to Huxham 10 ounces. 4 pounds of salt petre & 2 lb of Alum. Dulcified Spirits of Nitre and of Vitriol 4 ounces each. Chartrusian powder a dram. Strong Spirit of Vitriol 2 ounces dramatic Spirit 6 ounces. Blue Vitriol 1 ounce. 2 ounces red precipitate. ½ a pound of Nux Vomica for Rats carefully put up that it may not come near the other medicines. Thebaic Tincture 2 ounces. Cram Tartar ½ a pound. A moderate sized Bell to ring at Breakfast, dinner, Supper &c about an hundred foot of Bell Wire with about a dozen of those springs in shape of a Quadrant that conducts the Wire wherever the course of it happens to alter. Also the small brass machine & handle that you pul by to ring.

N.B. I do not mean to ring the above mentioned Bell this Wire, I have already a small Bell up to which this Wire now sent for is to be fixed.

6 lbs of White Lead 70 fathom of very strong rope of the size of common Bed chord. Files for a Joiner such as are necessary enquir of the Joiner got for me. Four Barrels of Lamp black. One small cap Trunk for Molly Lee with her name in Nails upon the top of it. About as much as one side of Ben Leather.

Source: The Archives of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation, Papers of the Lee Family, Box 2, M2009.035

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2016 February 17


[1] Lady Sarah Pennington (1740-1783), who wrote An Unfortunate Mother’s Advice to Her Absent Daughters: In a Letter to Miss Pennington (1761).





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Source: The Archives of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation, Papers of the Lee Family, Box 2, M2009.041


Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2016 February 18