1807, January 19StratfordVABirthFreeman
1809StratfordVAFather arrested for debtFreeman
1813StratfordVAFather leavesFreeman
1814, August 28AlexandriaVALiving with his motherFreeman
1820AlexandriaVAAlexandria AcademyFreeman
1823AlexandriaVACompleted study at Alexandria AcademyFreeman
1824, April 1 VAWrote his letter of acceptance to West Point, 1st known letter by R. E. LeeFreeman
1824, October 14AlexandriaVALafayette paid a visit to Lee’s mother, Lee was doubtlessly at the meetingFreeman
1825, FebruaryAlexandriaVAEnrolled in James Hallowell’s school adjoining the Lee’s householdFreeman
1825, June  Traveling towards West PointFreeman
1825, June 28West PointNYBecomes a cadet at West PointFreeman
1825, August 27West PointNYBeginning of schooling at West PointFreeman
1826, January 2West PointNYBegins final exams for his first year at West PointFreeman
1826West PointNYAppears in the list of distinguished cadets in his classFreeman
1826, June 23West PointNYReceives cadet rank of Staff Sergent, the highest position avaible to him at the timeFreeman
1826, July 1West PointNYLee becomes a upperclassmanFreeman
1826, September 1West PointNYBeginning of second academic year at West PointFreeman
1827, JanuaryWest PointNYLees rating in his class falls due to work overloadFreeman
1828West PointNYLee made the Office of Corps Adjutant, the highest cadet rank in the corpsFreeman
1829, JuneWest PointNYLee graduates from West Point and commissions in the Engineer CorpsFreeman
1829, July 10RavensworthVALee’s mother diesFreeman
1829, August 1 VALee returns to Virginia from Georgetown after settling his mother’s estateFreeman
1829, August 11 VALee is ordered to report by the middle of the next November to Cockspur Island, GeorgiaFreeman
1829, November 1SavannahGALee arrives in SavannahFreeman
1830, November 10Cockspur IslandGALee Returns to Cockspur Island after the summer monthsFreeman
1831, April 13Cockspur IslandGALee receives orders to report to Old Point, VirginiaFreeman
1831, April 21Cockspur IslandGALee’s moving orders are acknowledgedFreeman
1831, May 7Hampton RoadsVALee reports to Hampton Roads, VirginiaFreeman
1831, June 30ArlingtonVALee is married to Mary Anna Randolph CurtisFreeman
1831, July 11Washington D.C. Lee rides to Washington, D.C., stops at Alexandria to make purchasesFreeman
1831, AugustFort MonroeSCLee and his wife arrive at Fort MonroeFreeman
1832, September 16Fort MonroeSCMrs. Lee gives birth to Lee’s first child, George Washington Custis LeeFreeman
1834, July 18Fort MonroeSCSecretary of War visits Fort MonroeFreeman
1834, October 25Fort MonroeSCInvited by General Gratiot to come to Washington, D.C.Freeman
1834, NovemberArlingtonVALee and his family move to ArlingtonFreeman
1836, September 21Washington D.C. Lee is promoted to 1st LieutenantFreeman
1837, FebruaryWashington D.C. Lee writes Talcott discussing his consideration to resign from the ArmyFreeman
1837, May 31Washington D.C. Lee’s third child is bornFreeman
1837, December 6St LouisMOLee presents his plan to General Gratiot for the clearing up an area of the Mississippi RiverFreeman
1837, December 22/25ArlingtonVALee arrives home in time for ChristmasFreeman
1838, March 25PittsburghPALee and his family set out for Pittsburgh on the way to Louisville, KentuckyFreeman
1838, September 20St LouisMOLee sets his men to work at cutting out rock on a section of the Mississippi RiverFreeman
1838, August 7St LouisMOLee is promoted to Captain in the Corps of EngineersFreeman
1839, May 1St LouisMOLee and his family leave St. Louis to return to ArlingtonFreeman
1839, May 8WheelingVALee and his family reach Wheeling on a steamboatFreeman
1839, May 25ArlingtonVALee leaves Arlington to his post at St LouisFreeman
1839, July 1St LouisMOLee receives word of his new daughter, Annie Carter LeeFreeman
1839, July 24St LouisMOLee writes his friend Major Hitchcock declaring a good prospect of success on the engineering project on the MississippiFreeman
1839, August 12St LouisMOThe river is low enough for Lee to begin constructionFreeman
1840, July 24ArlingtonVALee receives orders to return to St Louis to survey his work and its successFreeman
1840, October 6St LouisMOLee completes the last of his work in St. LouisFreeman
1840, October 22Washington D.C. Lee arrives in Washington, D.C.Freeman
1840, November 7BeaufortNCLee inspects Fort Macon constructionFreeman
1841, April 10New YorkNYLee arrives in New York to inspect and improve forts in the area. He is stationed at Fort HamiltonFreeman
1843, MarchNew YorkNYLee is back in New York after winterFreeman
1843 October 27ArlingtonVALee’s sixth child is born, Robert Edward LeeFreeman
1844 January 10Washington D.C. Lee arrives in Washington, D.C.Freeman
1844, April 15Fort HamiltonNYLee is ordered back to Fort HamiltonFreeman
1844, JuneWest PointNYLee is chosen to attend the final exams at West Point in 1844Freeman
1844, December 22Washington D.C. Lee goes to Washington, D.C., as an office assistant for the winterFreeman
1845, March 31Washington D.C. Lee receives orders to return to Fort HamiltonFreeman
1845, SeptemberFort HamiltonNYLee is appointed to the board of engineers for the Atlantic Coast defensesFreeman
1846, August 19Fort HamiltonNYLee receives orders to serve in MexicoFreeman
1846, September 13Port La VacaTXLee arrives in Port la Vaca on way to San Antonio de BexarFreeman
1846, September 21San AntonioTXLee arrives at San AntonioFreeman
1846, December 28  Lee volunteers for a scouting mission against Santa AnnaFreeman
1847, January 16  Lee is ordered to proceed to Brazos and join General Scott for the Vera Cruz ExpeditionFreeman
1847, February 19TampicoMexicoLee goes ashore to Tampico with General ScottFreeman
1847, February 20TampicoMexicoLee leaves Tampico with General Scott, bound for LobosFreeman
1847, February 21LobosMexicoLee arrives at the Island of LobosFreeman
1847, March 24Vera CruzMexicoLee directs a battery of guns in his first combat actionFreeman
1847, April 17Cero GordoMexicoLee acts as a guide for General Twigg’s division after conducting several days of scoutingFreeman
1847, April 19JalapaMexicoLee enters JalapaFreeman
1847, April 24Cero GordoMexicoLee is brevetted MajorFreeman
1847, April 25PeroteMexicoLee writes his wife after a church service, thanking God for his protectionFreeman
1847, May 28PueblaMexicoLee enters the city of Puebla with General ScottFreeman
1847, August 12AyotlaMexicoLee goes on a reconaissance mission for a planned assault on Mexico CityFreeman
1847, August 17Lake ChalcoMexicoLee makes a reconaissance of the roads to the South and West of ChalcoFreeman
1847, August 20ChurubuscoMexicoLee is brevetted Lieutenant ColonelFreeman
1847, August 22Mexico CityMexicoLee writes a personal description of the obstacles he observed guarding Mexico CityFreeman
1847, September 6TacubayaMexicoLee joins General Scott and other officers to discuss the best method of attacking Mexico CityFreeman
1847, September 8TacubayaMexicoLee reports his reconaissance to General Scott of the roads to the south of Mexico CityFreeman
1847, September 10MiscoacMexicoLee works on the defenses of a new base at MiscoacFreeman
1847, September 11near Mexico CityMexicoLee conducts a reconaissance of the Nino Perdido RoadFreeman
1847, September 11PiedadMexicoLee attends a council of war at night with General Scott and other officersFreeman
1847, September 12TacubayaMexicoLee meets with General Scott and advises him on the best time to attackFreeman
1847, September 14near Mexico CityMexicoLee has been without sleep for 48 hoursFreeman
1847, September 14ChapultepecMexicoGeneral Pillow is woundedFreeman
1847, September 14ChapultepecMexcoLee receives a slight wound in the afternoonFreeman
1847, September 14ChapultepecMexicoLee faints in the afternoon due to exhaustion for the first and only time in his lifeFreeman
1847, DecemberCentral MexicoMexicoLee draws his pistol on a Mexican he suspected of foul play against himFreeman
1848, March 16Mexico CityMexicoLee is forced by General Pillow to take the stand as a defense witness in the court of inquiry against General PillowFreeman
1848, March 31Mexico CityMexicoLee appears before the court of inquiry to report on troop movementsFreeman
1848, April 8Mexico CityMexicoLee again appears before the court to report on troop movementsFreeman
1848, April 21 MexicoLee completes work on maps of Mexico City’s defenses and the roads and defenses of Central MexicoFreeman
1848, May 27Mexico CityMexicoLee receives orders to march the engineering company to Vera Cruz and to embark them for the United StatesFreeman
1848, June 6Vera CruzMexicoLee and the engineering company arrive in Vera CruzFreeman
1848, June 29Washington D.C. Lee arrives in Washington, D.C. after a year and 10 months absenceFreeman
1848, July 3Washington D.C. Lee is assigned special duty in Totten’s officeFreeman
1848, July 21Washington D.C. Lee is again elected to the board of engineers for the Atlantic coast defensesFreeman
1848, August 24Washington D.C. Lee is promoted to the rank of full ColonelFreeman
1848, September 13Washington D.C. Lee recieves orders to construct Fort Carroll outside of BaltimoreFreeman
1848, November 15BaltimoreMDLee arrives in BaltimoreFreeman
1848, November 18BostonMDLee arrives in Boston with the Board of EngineersFreeman
1848, December 1BostonMDLee departs Boston for BaltimoreFreeman
1849, JanuaryWashington D.C. Lee leaves Washington, D.C., with the board of Engineers to look at potential fortifications in FloridaFreeman
1849, April 1BaltimoreMDLee arrives in Baltimore after leaving FloridaFreeman
1849, July(late)BaltimoreMDLee begins to develop malaria, leaves to recuperate in RavensworthFreeman
1849, August(early)BaltimoreMDLee arrives in Baltimore from recuperating in ArlingtonFreeman
1849, August 12BaltimoreMDLee leaves for Newport, R.I. to meet the Board of EngineersFreeman
1850, DecemberBostonMDLee goes to Boston with the Board of EngineersFreeman
1851, MarchNew YorkNYLee goes to New York with the Board of EngineersFreeman
1851, August 3BaltimoreMDLee writes his son a letterFreeman
1851, October 15BaltimoreMDLee files his annual report on Fort Carroll, reporting much progressFreeman
1851, December 25ArlingtonVALee and his family spend Christmas at ArlingtonFreeman
1852, May 28BaltimoreMDLee receives orders from General Totten to become the superintendent of West PointFreeman
1852, July(late)Washington D.C. Lee goes to Washington, D.C., in order to settle his affairsFreeman
1852, August 21BaltimoreMDLee announces that he has turned over all balances to his assistantFreeman
1852, August 23BaltimoreMDLee leaves Baltimore to set out for West PointFreeman
1852, September 1West PointNYLee becomes the 9th superintendent of West PointFreeman
1853, July 5West PointNYLee leaves West Point for a summer vacation in VirginiaFreeman
1853, July 17AlexandriaVALee, along with his two oldest daughters, is confirmedFreeman
1853, August 27West PointNYLee returns to West Point at the end of his vacationFreeman
1854, July 8West PointNYLee writes a letter to General Totten regarding cadet “Curly” Whistler’s request for readmittance into West PointFreeman
1855, March 15West PointNYLee accepts his transfer into the 2nd CavalryFreeman
1855, March 31West PointNYLee turns over command of West Point to his successorFreeman
1855, April 12ArlingtonVALee recieves orders to report to Louisville, Kentucky, to join the 2nd CavalryFreeman
1855, April 20LouisvilleKYLee arrives in Louisville and takes command of 2nd CavalryFreeman
1855, September 24Fort RileyKSLee travels to Fort RileyFreeman
1856, February 12ArlingtonVALee leaves home after numerous court martial duties to rejoin the 2nd Cavalry in TexasFreeman
1856, March 2GalvestonTXLee arrives in Galveston and rejoins the 2nd CavalryFreeman
1856, March 27GalvestonTXLee is assigned command of the two squadrons of the regiment at Camp CooperFreeman
1856, April 9Camp CooperTXLee arrives at Camp Cooper and takes commandFreeman
1856, June 13Camp CooperTXLee departs Camp Cooper on a mission to track down Indian aggressorsFreeman
1856, June 18Fort ChadbourneTXLee arrives at Fort Chadbourne, gathers his forces, and continues on his tracking missionFreeman
1856, July 4Near the Brazos RiverTXLee thinks of of his family in Arlington on the way back to Camp CooperFreeman
1856, July 23Camp CooperTXLee arrives back at Camp Cooper after breaking up his expedition forceFreeman
1856, September 28Ringgold BarracksTXLee arrives at the Ringgold BarracksFreeman
1856, November 4Fort BrownTXLee arrives at Fort Brown for a tribunalFreeman
1857, February 6San AntonioTXLee arrives in San Antonio for a tribunalFreeman
1857, March 20IndianolaTXLee arrives in Indianola for a tribunalFreeman
1857, April 11Fort MasonTXLee arrives at Fort Mason on the way to Camp CooperFreeman
1857, April 18Camp CooperTXLee arrives back at Camp CooperFreeman
1857, July 15Fort MasonTXLee arrives at Fort Mason for a court martialFreeman
1857, July 28San AntonioTXLee takes over command of the 2nd CavalryFreeman
1857, August 1San AntonioTXLee occupies a house in San AntonioFreeman
1857, October 21San AntonioTXLee learns of his father in law, George Washington Parke Custis’s, deathFreeman
1857, October 24San AntonioTXLee leaves San Antonio for ArlingtonFreeman
1857, November 11ArlingtonTXLee arrives at ArlingtonFreeman
1858, March 17ArlingtonTXLee recieves a letter from his son Custis, in which is son gave Lee all the property Custis received from his grandfather’s willFreeman
1858, April 26Newport BarracksKYLee leaves for Kentucky to serve on a court martial for General TwiggsFreeman
1858, May 5ArlingtonVALee returns to ArlingtonFreeman
1858, October 22ArlingtonVALee writes to General Scott asking for more leave in order to repair ArlingtonFreeman
1858, December 15West PointNYLee is in West Point for a court of inquiry against Professor MahanFreeman
1859, April 1RichmondVALee is in Richmond to assist in the settlement of the deed of trust for his son’s marriageFreeman
1859, October 6Fort ColumbusNYLee is in Fort Columbus for a court martialFreeman
1859, October 17ArlingtonVALee receives orders to report to the Secretary of War immediatelyFreeman
1859, October 17Harpers FerryVALee surrounds the armory at Harpers Ferry with a detachment of Marines in order to capture John BrownFreeman
1859, October 18Harpers FerryVALee writes a letter to John Brown demanding his surrenderFreeman
1859, October 19Harpers FerryVALee makes a final check of the conspirators with Andrew Hunter, the prosecutorFreeman
1859, October 20Washington D.C. Lee presents himself and his report at the War DepartmentFreeman
1859, November 29Washington D.C. Lee receives orders to take 4 companies of troops and station at Harpers Ferry to keep order during John Brown’s executionFreeman
1859, December 9Harpers FerryVALee receives orders to head back to WashingtonFreeman
1859, December 12Harpers FerryVALee departs Harpers FerryFreeman
1859, December 14Washington D.C. Lee goes to Washington, D.C., to answer questionsFreeman
1860, February 6Washington D.C. Lee is assigned the duty of temporary command of the Department of Texas, headquartered in San AntonioFreeman
1860, February 10ArlingtonVALee leaves for San AntonioFreeman
1860, February 13New OrleansLULee arrives in New Orleans on the way to San AntonioFreeman
1860, February 15New OrleansLULee leaves New Orleans by steamer for IndianolaFreeman
1860, February 19San AntonioTXLee arrives in San AntonioFreeman
1860, March 15San AntonioTXLee leaves San Antonio for the Rio Grande to deal with the bandit Juan CortinasFreeman
1860, March 31Ringgold BarracksTXLee arrives at Ringgold BarracksFreeman
1860, April 2Ringgold BarracksTXLee writes a letter to the Mexican government asking them to help track down the Bandit Juan CortinasFreeman
1860, April 3Ringgold BarracksTXLee leave Ringgold Barracks and conducts a careful inspection of the lower Rio GrandeFreeman
1860, April 11Fort BrownTXLee arrives at Fort BrownFreeman
1860, April 12Fort BrownTXLee writes to the Mexican army explaining why Texas Rangers had gone into Mexico after CortinasFreeman
1860, July 30San AntonioTXLee writes his West Point classmate Joseph E. Johnston, congratulating him on his promotion to Brigadier GeneralFreeman
1860, December 14San AntonioTXLee writes Custis Lee about the potential dissolution of the Union amid the secession crisisFreeman
1860, December 19San AntonioTXLee leaves San Antonio for Fort MasonFreeman
1861, January 23Fort MasonTXLee writes home stating he wishes to not get involved in the seccessionFreeman
1861, February 4Fort MasonTXLee receives orders that he is relieved of command of the 2nd Cavalry and is to report to Washington, D.C.Freeman
1861, February 13Fort MasonTXLee relinquishes command and starts the journey to WashingtonFreeman
1861, February 22IndianolaTXLee arrives in IndianolaFreeman
1861, February 25New OrleansTXLee arrives in New OrleansFreeman
1861, March 1AlexandriaVALee arrives in AlexandriaFreeman
1861, March 28ArlingtonVALee accepts his commission to Colonel and command of the 1st CavalryFreeman
1861, April 17ArlingtonVALee recieves a letter from General Scott requesting that he report to him immediatelyFreeman
1861, April 18Washington D.C. Lee visits Francis Blair and is offered command of a Union army of 75,000. Lee declines the offerreeman
1861, April 19AlexandriaVALee goes to Alexandria on business and learns that Virginia has secededFreeman
1861, April 20ArlingtonVALee tenders his resignation from the US army to Simon Cameron, Secretary of WarFreeman
1861, April 20ArlingtonVALee writes to General Scott bidding him farewell and good luckFreeman
1861, April 20ArlingtonVALee writes his sister explaining his reasoning for resigningFreeman
1861, April 21AlexandriaVALee goes to church with one of his daughters, in civilian clothesFreeman
1861, April 22ArlingtonVALee leaves Arlington in the morning to go to RichmondFreeman
1861, April 22RichmondVALee arrives in Richmond in the afternoonFreeman
1861, April 23RichmondVALee accepts command of the military and naval forces of VirginiaFreeman
1861, April 24RichmondVALee orders his officers to act on the defensiveFreeman
1861, April 29-30RichmondVALee designates officers to organize troops at Wheeling, Grafton, and in the lower Kanawha valleyFreeman
1861, May 6RichmondVALee warns General Cocke to prepare for a attack from Alexandria on Harpers FerryFreeman
1861, May 16NorfolkVALee leaves Richmond to inspect NorfolkFreeman
1861, May 21RichmondVALee consolidates the command on the lower Peninsula of Virginia under General MagruderFreeman
1861, May 28Manassas JunctionVALee makes a hurried inspection of the junctionFreeman
1861, June 6 thru 8York and James RiversVALee visits the York and James Rivers to inspect the batteries located theirFreeman
1861, June 24RichmondVALee writes his wife stating his uncertainty after Virginia forces fell under the command of the ConfederacyFreeman
1861, July 28RichmondVALee leaves Richmond to perform his first field duty for the ConfederacyFreeman
1861, July 29StauntonVALee leaves Staunton on the way to MontereyFreeman
1861, August 3 VALee heads to HuntersvilleFreeman
1861, August 6HuntersvilleVALee leaves Huntersville and arrives at Valley Mountain later that dayFreeman
1861, August 31 VALee is confirmed as a full general in the Confederate armyFreeman
1861, September 8Valley MountainWVLee completes the plan for the attack on Cheat MountainFreeman
1861, September 9Valley MountainWVLee issues a supplementary order to his forcesFreeman
1861, September 11Valley MountainWVLee moves forward for the attack with his troopsFreeman
1861, September 12Cheat MountainWVLee’s attack on Cheat Mountain beginsFreeman
1861, September 14Cheat MountainWVLee sends a flag of truce to the Federals to recover the body of Colonel John A. WashingtonFreeman
1861, September 16Camp on Valley RiverWVLee sends a letter of condolence to Washington’s wifeFreeman
1861, September 17Valley MountainWVLee writes Governor John Letcher explaining the failed attackFreeman
1861, September 21Meadow BluffWVLee arrives in General John B. Floyd’s camp at Meadow BluffFreeman
1861, September 22Sewell MountainWVLee makes a reconnaissance at Sewell MountainFreeman
1861, September 24Sewell MountainWVLee departs for Sewell Mountain with 4 regimentsFreeman
1861, September 30Sewell MountainWVLee writes General Floyd saying he is worried the enemy will not attack his positions, meaning Lee must go on the offensiveFreeman
1861, October 30 WVLee abandons western Virginia to the FederalistsFreeman
1861, October 31RichmondVALee arrives in RichmondFreeman
1861, November 4RichmondVALee meets with Secretary of War Judah BenjaminFreeman
1861, November 6RichmondVALee leaves Richmond for Charleston, South CarolinaFreeman
1861, November 7CharlestonSCLee arrives in CharlestonFreeman
1861, November 10 thru 11SavannahSCLee inspects Fort Pulaski in SavannahFreeman
1861, November 13 thru 15CharlestonSCLee visits Governer Francis Pickens to discuss the recruitment of South Carolina troopsFreeman
1861, November 17SavannahSCLee goes to Savannah to inspect the Brunswick DistrictFreeman
1861, December 2on the Broad RiverSCLee organizes a light force to cope with invading marauding Union forcesFreeman
1861, December 11CharlestonSCLee visits CharlestonFreeman
1861, December 17CoosawhatchieSCLee returns to CoosawhatchieFreeman
1861, December 20CoosawhatchieSCLee recieves word that the Union blockaded Charleston by sinking several old ships and blocking the harborFreeman
1862, January 16CoosawhatchieSCLee returns to Coosawhatchie after inspecting Savannah and Cumberland IslandFreeman
1862, January 23CharlestonSCLee is called to Charleston because another Federal fleet had appeared in the harborFreeman
1862, January 28SavannahSCLee goes to SavannahFreeman
1862, February 3SavannahSCLee transfers his headquarters to SavannahFreeman
1862, February 22SavannahSCLee goes to church with one of his daughters, in civilian clothesFreeman
1862, March 2SavannahSCLee writes his daughter describing his confidence in the ability to hold SavannahFreeman
1862, March 3SavannahSCLee leaves for Richmond to meet with Jefferson DavisFreeman
1862, March 5RichmondVALee arrives in RichmondFreeman
1862, March 14RichmondVALee is appointed as the acting Secretary of WarFreeman
1862, March 24RichmondVALee goes to his new office in the War Department buildingFreeman
1862, April 11RichmondVALee announces that volunteers in the militia could be draftedFreeman
1862, April 17RichmondVALee focuses his attention on Northern VirginiaFreeman
1862, April 19RichmondVALee orders to Richmond regiments from North Carolina, South Carolina, and GeorgiaFreeman
1862, April 21RichmondVALee writes Jackson giving him ideas on what to do on the front at FredericksburgFreeman
1862, May 1RichmondVALee approves Jacksons plan for joint operations with Johnston west of StauntonFreeman
1862, May 2RichmondVALee writes Johnston explaining that time was needed to evacuate NorfolkFreeman
1862, May 15Valley of the James R.VALee inspects the James River defensesFreeman
1862, May 16RichmondVALee writes Jackson telling him to drive the Federalists back toward the PotomacFreeman
1862, May 29RichmondVALee rides out from Richmond to monitor the planned Confederate attackFreeman
1862, May 31Johnstons HQVALee rides out from Richmond to visit Johnston’s headquartersFreeman
1862, May 31on the way to RichmondVALee is appointed commander of the Army of Northern Virginia after Johnston is woundedFreeman
1862, June 1RichmondVALee sends a letter to General Smith wishing him luck in battle. Lee assumes command of Army of Northern VirginiaFreeman
1862, June 3MechanicsvilleVALee orders his chief engineers to look for the best position to fight a defensive battleFreeman
1862, June 3Nine Mile RoadVALee orders a council of warFreeman
1862, June 9RichmondVALee changes his plans for the employment of JacksonFreeman
1862, June 11RichmondVALee tells Jackson he is sending him reinforcementsFreeman
1862, June 16MechanicsvilleVALee wants Jackson to come help in the battle for RichmondFreeman
1862, June 23MechanicsvilleVAJackson arrives to talk to Lee. Lee and his generals decide on plan of battle and date for attackFreeman
1862, June 24MechanicsvilleVALee drafts his general order and has it distributedFreeman
1862, June 25MechanicsvilleVALee rides out along the Williamsburg Road to check out the situation after a Union attackFreeman
1862, June 26MechanicsvilleVALee fights the battle at MechanicsvilleFreeman
1862, June 27Gaines MillVALee wins his first Civil War battle at Gaines’ Mill, with a heavy price in casualtiesFreeman
1862, June 28Hogan Family HouseVALee leaves Hogan house to renew the action at the battlefield. Makes plans for action and pursuit on the 29thFreeman
1862, June 29Near Savage StationVALee issues orders to his commanders in preperation for battle on the 30thFreeman
1862, June 30Savage StationVALee fights the battle of Savage’s StationFreeman
1862, June 30Fraysers FarmVALee fights the battle of Frayser’s farm, misses a chance for a crushing blow to McClellanFreeman
1862, July 1Malvern HillVALee fights the battle of Malvern Hill, suffering heavy lossesFreeman
1862, July 2Malvern HillVALee remains weary after the battle, not knowing if the Federals are still on Malvern HillFreeman
1862, July 3Poindexter HouseVALee dispatched troops to Shirley, Vrignia, with no successFreeman
1862, July 4 VALee rides to meet with LongstreetFreeman
1862, July 7 VALee publishes his order thanking the army for its serviceFreeman
1862, July 9Dabbs HouseVALee puts his columns on the march towards camps near RichmondFreeman
1862, July 23RichmondVALee works on the logistics of his plan to attack McClellanFreeman
1862, July 27RichmondVALee orders A. P. Hill’s division and a Louisiana brigade to Gordonsville to link up with JacksonFreeman
1862, August 6near Malvern HillVALee goes to the front in person and draws out the Confederate lines in a deliberate fashion, not hurried like beforeFreeman
1862, August 7RichmondVALee gives discretion to Jackson concerning upcoming engagementsFreeman
1862, August 13RichmondVALee sends Longstreet with 10 brigades to go to Jackson’s aidFreeman
1862, August 15RichmondVALee leaves Richmond to go to GordonsvilleFreeman
1862, August 16GordansvilleVALee writes Jefferson Davis stressing the importance of Northern Virginia in the upcoming campaignsFreeman
1862, August 20GordansvilleVALee orders his forces to march against Union General John PopeFreeman
1862, August 24 VALee receives some of Pope’s captured papers and learns his enemy’s troop strength and main battle planFreeman
1862, August 25JefferstonVALee completes orders for the upcoming battleFreeman
1862, August 27SalemVALee and officers arrive in Salem, have close call with Federal CavalryFreeman
1862, August 29Gainesville-Centerville TurnpikeVALee prepares plans concerning a possible Federal attackFreeman
1862, August 30Gainesville-Centerville TurnpikeVALee writes a report to Jefferson Davis. Makes plans to clear the Federals from Northern VirginiaFreeman
1862, August 30Gainesville-Centerville TurnpikeVALee learns he has reinforcements coming. Federals launch an attack and are beaten back. Lee launches a counter-attackFreeman
1862, August 30GrovetonVALee writes Davis at 10 a.m. and tells him of the significant victory over the Federals at Bull RunFreeman
1862, August 31GrovetonVALee orders Jackson to attack the reaer of the Federal position. Lee has a fall and breaks his wrist. Word spreads throughout the battlefield, north and south, that Lee is woundedFreeman
1862, September 1GrovetonVALee is unable to pursue the Union armyFreeman
1862, September 8FrederickMDLee sends a proclamation to the people of Maryland saying they are not forced to join the Confederacy, but will be welcomed if they doFreeman
1862, September 14Near SharpesburgMDLee orders McLaw to take Harpers Ferry. Battle of South MountainFreeman
1862, September 15Near SharpesburgMDLee receives word from Jackson that Harpers Ferry has been takenFreeman
1862, September 17SharpsburgMDThe battle of Antietam begins in the morning hoursFreeman
1862, September 17SharpsburgMDLee inspects, in the morning, the left flank under heavy attack, spies a straggeler and orders him shot, later countermands that orderFreeman
1862, September 17SharpsburgMDLater in the morning, Lee inspects the center line and offers advise to Anderson and D. H. Hill, sees Hills horse shot out from under himFreeman
1862, September 17SharpsburgMDAt 1 p.m., on the right flank, Lee orders his son, Robert, to return to the front with his unit and its one remaining gunFreeman
1862, September 17SharpsburgMDBy nightfall, the battle is over. Lee has a meeting with his Generals, decides to stay and hold the line instead of withdrawingFreeman
1862, September 18SharpsburgMDLee orders his men to withdraw across the PotomacFreeman
1862, September 20MartinsburgWVLee moves his command to the vicinity of MartinsburgFreeman
1862, October 2MartinsburgWVLee gives his congratulatory orders to his troops, praising their courage and fighting against a much larger Union forceFreeman
1862, October 20MartinsburgWVLee orders the routes through the blue ridge examinedFreeman
1862, October 22MartinsburgWVLee orders General John George Walker to go over the mountains to Upperville to defend agajnst enemy raids in that districtFreeman
1862, October 26Near Potomic RiverVALee writes his brother extolling the importance of victory and sacrificeFreeman
1862, October 28Near Potomic RiverVALee splits army: Jackson to Charlestown, Longstreet with Lee to CulpeperFreeman
1862, November 10CulpeperVALee learns that General Ambrose E. Burnside has taken over the Union armyFreeman
1862, November 20FredericksburgVALee arrives in FredericksburgFreeman
1862, November 23FredericksburgVALee lets civilians use the army’s wagons when he orders the evacuation of Fredericksburg due to impending Union bombardmentFreeman
1862 December 13FredericksburgVALee’s forces inflicts heavy losses on Union troops. General Burnside withdraws after losing 12,653 men. Lee’s losses total only 5,377. 
1863 May 1ChancellorsvilleVAFighting begins between Lee’s forces and Union troops under Hooker. First shots fired at 11 in the morning. 
1863 May 2ChancellorsvilleVAJackson makes his famous flank attack at Chancellorsville at around 5:30 p.m. Jackson wounded by Confederate troops as he scouts for a night attack. 
1863 May 3ChancellorsvilleVaVicious fighting continues at Chancellorsville in what was one of the bloodiest days of the war. Union forces take Confederate poisitions at Mayre’s Hieghts in Fredericksburg, but Lee’s forces hold against Federal assaults. 
1863 May 4ChancellorsvilleVAConfederates attack John Sedgwick’s corps at around 6 p.m., with little success.  
1863 May 5ChancellorsvilleVAHooker calls a council of war and decides to withdraw. 
1863 May 6ChancellorsvilleVAUnion soldiers begin their retreat from Chancellorsville. 
1863 May 10ChancellorsvilleVAStonewall Jackson dies. 
1863 July 1GettysburgPAFirst day of battle at Gettysburg. 
1863 July 2GettysburgPABattles for Big and Little Round Top at Gettysburg. Hood’s division suffers heavy losses in the afternoon assaults. Confederates fail to take the high ground. 
1863 July 4GettysburgPAFinal day of battle at Gettysburg. Lee orders frontal assault on Union lines. George Pickett, a division commander in Longstreet’s corps, was chosen to lead the assault. “Pickett’s Charge” was one of the most famous charges of the war, consisting of nine brigades, which numbered roughly 12,500 men. Confederates suffer 50% casualties. As Confederates returned to their lines, Lee takes the blame for asking too much of his troops.  
1864 May 5The WildernessVAFirst battle of Grant’s Overland Campaign begins. Fighting takes place in Spotsylvania and Orange County, Virginia, on some of the same ground as the battle of Chancellorsville. 
1864 May 6The WildernessVAFighting continues. General Longstreet is wounded by his own men in a morning attack. Longstreet will be out of action for months. Lee puts himself in great danger when he gets too close to the fighting. Texas troops take his horse and lead Lee back to safety. 
1864 May 7The WildernessVAGrant decides not to attack further in the Wilderness. He moves south by his left flank. Grant’s casualties for two days of fighting number 17,666. He has suffered a major tactical defeat. Lee’s losses are far less, but unknown. Lee anticipates Grant’s next move: to Spotsylvania Court House. 
1864 May 8Spotsylvania Court HouseVAFirst day of fighting. Union attacks on General Richard H. Anderson’s lines prove unsuccessful. 
1864 May 9Spotsylvania Court HouseVAUnion and Confederate troops entrench and fortify their positions. Lee’s entrenchments stretch for four miles. 
1864 May 10Spotsylvania Court HouseVAGrant unleashes heavy attacks on the “Mule Shoe” salient in the Confederate position. Union colonel Emory Upton doesn’t make his main assult until late in the day. Union forces suffer heavy losses all day, but Grant is encouraged by the progress made. 
1864 May 11Spotsylvania Court HouseVALull in the fighting. Lee fears an attack may be made on Fredericksburg. 
1864 May 12Spotsylvania Court HouseVAHeaviest day of fighting at Spotsylvania. Union forces make a large assault upon the “Mule Shoe.” The fighting is some of the most intense of the Civil War, with much hand-to-hand fighting and unrelenting musketry. Gunfire levels the landscape. Heavy losses on both sides. Lee puts himself in danger when he fears a Union breakthrough. His troops again bring him to safety behind the lines. 
1864 June 3Cold HarborVAGrant makes a major assault at Cold Harbor and is repulsed with heavy losses. It is one of Lee’s greatest tactical victories of the war, but he is unable to prevent Grant from moving further south. 
1864 July 30PetersburgVABattle of the Crater. Union forces, including large numbers of African American troops, are repulsed after a huge mine is exploded under the Confederate lines. General William Mahone saves the Confederate position. Many black soldiers are killed by Confederates while trying to surrender. The Union suffers 3,500 casualties. The stalemate at Petersburg continues. 
1865 April 9Appomattox Court HouseVALee surrenders the Army of Northern Virginia to U. S. Grant.