Head Qrs Lee’s Cav Brigade

March 27th, 1863


My darling Mother,

Your letter enclosing two of my sister Mildred’s reached me, after a journey of ten days.

You grieved me my dear Mother in supposing that your sons who owe you to their all, their very existence to you should be so unnatural as to shun your society & prefer absence from you to being with you.

I have not been able to come & see you for a great many reasons.

I have not been able to leave the army untill [sic] the last week or two. And then the difficulty of transportation, & the enormous expense of traveling & accommodations, which I am unable to afford, has deterred me from making a journey to Richmond, until a more favorable opportunity; which I hope will soon offer itself My dear mother, for I long to see you. I hope now you will not now think that I am so unthankful & loving.

I was down at “Hickory Hill” last week where I took Charlotte after her long stay with her husband; she was looking very well & seemed very sorry to leave. They were all very Kind & attentive & I felt very homesick when I left. I then went over to North Wales intending to spend the night & leave the next morning; but the snow came & I waited three days, untill [sic] it disappeared [sic]. Uncle W was very Kind to me & I had a very pleasant time talking & reading.

That was a very sad loss The Confederacy sustained in the death of Major Pelham & those other officers & men who were Killed on the Rapidan. But we drove them back & thwarted their purposes, which God grant we may always do.

I went to church today to here [sic] Mr. Temple preach his “fast day” sermon. But the poor man though as pure a Christian & as good an Episcopalian as any of us poor mortals here below, was very deficient in Eloquence or even sense, I am sorry to say it, but truth will out. I wish you would get me some cotton socks Knit as soon as possible for the warm weather is fast approaching & I shall need them. Tell Miss Norvell I am about to procure a beautiful little Black Mare & I want her permission to name her after her. Remember me to all my friends & relations &

beleive [sic] me your

loving son

Robert E Lee         




Source: Transcribed from photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L51 c 440, Section 21, Virginia Museum of History and Culture, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2022 June 6

A plantation in Caroline County, Virginia. See Robert E. Lee’s letter to Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee, 1863 March 27.