November 26 [1862]


My dear little Milly

I received your letter to day from Agnes how she got it I did not enquire, suffice it to say that I got it & it gave me great pleasure I can assure you.

The death of dear Annie was a great blow to all of us but we know she is in heaven & should not complain of the hard lot of being without her in this world, when we know she is so much better of[f] in another & we should try by God’s mercy to meet her there.

I believe Ma has concluded not to let you come to Richmond these holidays in which I think she errs since you have a whole month but howsomever you must make the best of it & enjoy yourself as well as improve yourself

I suppose you know that I am now a 1st Lieut of Cavalry & on Rooney’s staff who is a Brig Gen I am now in Richmond getting my outfit.

This change in your brother’s prospects I have no doubt pleases you as much as it does him.

I was with Pa on his way down from Culpeper to Fredericksburg, rode one of his horses & every one thought I was one of the staff

            Pa is looking very well & is in very good spirits & I think we’ll whip old Burnside badly when we meet him.

I saw Miss Norvell to day & knowing I was going to write she sent any number of messages but of course I have forgotten them all. Ma has written you a letter so she will tell you every thing interesting to you in the way dresses &c &c

            You must excuse me this miserable letter for it is allmost the first I have written for nearly six months

            So good night

from your

beloved brother

Robert E. Lee,

Lt of Cav




Source: Photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L51 c 409, Section 20, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2017 April 20