Hd Qrs: Near Stony Creek

March 21st 1865


My darling little Sister

Your confidence in the politeness of Dr. Robertson was not broken, for on his arrival he placed in my hands your letter. Why should you be glad to defer writing to me even to safe [sic] a stamp, & Sunday, you know, is your day according to promise; therefore, my dear, keep your promise & throw aside now while young, all trusting to opportunities, which you must confess is a failing of the female portion of our family. I am truly grateful that you are at last able to walk & use your fingers. Your fingers are especially in demand, collars & cravats, are very much needed in the Cav.

I told John to tell you all to please try & make me about half a dozen collars & for him to bring them back with him. You must, for your own advancement, do all you can for the Col & the B___r, though the latter will be of no advantage to us now, as the ports are all sealed, forever I am afraid.

Tell Sister for me that she must not get sick, not withstanding the splendid bouquets but keep well & strong; for besides it being to her own advantage & pleasure, she must remember that her youngest brother has a trunk full of most charming wearing apparel which she must take care of. Please ask her to let me know how that matter of poor finance stands with regard to Sam Price & the Clothing Bureau.

What do you suppose Miss Maggie “is done bin gone” & took upon herself to get married. She will have a good time of it I hope & pray & I don’t suppose it is such a terrible thing as some represent provided both parties have a fair modicum of sense & can keep from quarreling. Tell miss Jennie L__ that I am very much obliged to her for remembering me after one whole year & I hope may have the pleasure of seeing her again.

There is nothing in the world so pleasant as to be remembered kindly to ones friends & acquaintances & when ever I hear of any one asking about me kindly I feel a great deal bigger & think more of myself in a way that every man should. Cousin Maggie is going to be married so the song says & I believe it is true this time. How lucky is Major H__ Give her [a] kiss for me & tell her how much we in the Cav wish her well & how much we will do for her whenever she says the word.

Give my love to Bob Goldsborough & tell him I think he might have had the politeness to send some message. I congratulate him on his safe return & hope he will like his position & the Infy service. Give my best love to ma & a kiss for the girls & allways [sic] keep your promise to write on Sunday to

your loving Brother

Robt E lee Jr




1. Likely Jennie Lloyd.

2. Robert Henry Goldsborough (1841-1865), a staff officer in the Confederate army. He was Maryland and served in several regiments during the war and as a staff officer to Jeb Stuart.



Source: Checked against original, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L51 c 579, Section 29, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2018 March 21