Camp Rapidan 21 Nov ‘63


I am very much obliged to you dear Carrie1 for the manufacture of the drawers. Your handiwork will impart to them I am sure additional warmth. I examined them anxiously to see if I Could discover any impression of your sweet self, but Could not. I fear you did not look at them during your work. They fit very well. You know anything you can get in suits for Camp. I wish you had have came up with Custis. I want to see you very much & so does Genl E. [Edward] Johnson. I hope all were well at Cedar Grove when you land. Remember me to them all when you write. Also to Miss Rosalie & Ada

With much affection

I am very truly yours

R E Lee



1. Caroline Calvert Stuart Holliday (1844-1872). She was the daughter of Richard Henry Stuart (1808-1889) and Julia Calvert Stuart (1814-1888) and the sister of Jeb Stuart. She married Frederick William Mackay Holliday (1828-1899). She died in Winchester, Virginia, and is buried there.



Source: Robert E. Lee to Carrie C. Stuart, 1863 November 21, Mss2 L515 a 150, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2017 November 6