Camp, Culpeper Court House

November 10, 1862


My dear Custis

I have received a letter from Mr. William F. Taylor, cashier Bank of Virginia, saying he had sold the Hudson River Railroad coupons @ 150 per cent premium—City of Pittsburg Railroad coupons @ 100 per cent premium—City of St. Louis Railroad coupons @ 40 per cent premium, & if he had others now due he could sell them at the same rate. I have written to him that you would hand them to him. If convenient please do tell him he can sell them now or when practicable to advantage.

F reached here yesterday from the Valley & joined his brigade now in my front. I have nothing new to relate beyond my public despatches. I am operating to baffle the advance of the enemy & retain him among the mountains until I can get him separated that I can strike at him to advantage. His force will be thus diminished & disheartened. His sick & stragglers must be going back. He is along the Manassas Railroad near Piedmont. His advance cavalry along the line of the Rappahannock.

Give much love to your dear mother, Agnes & Charlotte, not forgetting my granddaughter. I wish you were with me.

Truly & affy your father

R E Lee




Source: Robert E. Lee Papers, Rubenstein Library, Duke University

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2021 December 15