Head Quarters ANva

Jan 12 1863


Brig. Gen. Howell Cobb

Comg District Mid. Florida


Your letter of 5th inst: was handed to me today by Lt Col. Glenn.1 In the frequent conversations which I held with Gen. T R R Cobb with reference to his legion, he expressed an earnest desire to have the infantry & cavalry increased, each, to a regiment. The infantry requiring three more companies and the cavalry one more. I promised that when Troops were needed in Georgia, I would give the preference to the Regiment from that state in this army, and especially to his Legion, or that would aid him in his plans with regard to the increase of each arm of that body. This transfer would of course depend upon whether we could spare them from the army. At present I cannot say when they can be spared, or when the campaign will close in this quarter. If a regiment of infantry could be sent here from Georgia to take the place of the Legion I could gladly send the infantry portion of it, home, in order to complete its organization. If this cannot now be done. I must beg you to use your influence to obtain the additional companies desired, one for the cavalry, and three for the Infantry, so that the wishes of your lamented brother may be carried out, and the efficiency of the organization which bear his name were promoted.

I have the honour to be

Very respectfully your obtsvt

R E Lee





1. Luther Judson Glenn (1818-1886), a Georgia lawyer and politician. He was the mayor of Atlanta before the war and was one of the signers of the Georgia ordinance of secession. He served in Cobb’s legion in McLaw’s division in Longstreet’s corps in the Army of Northern Virginia.



Source: Photocopy of handwritten original, which is not in Lee’s hand, Call number 23312, Library of Virginia, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2017 October 27