Headquarters, June 6, 1862

General James Longstreet


My Dear General: I have just received your note of this evening. General Jones’ division has been moved to the left to rejoin General Magruder’s command. Smith’s division, General Whiting, occupies the ground between the Nine-mile road and the York River Railroad. There is no gap in the line or ought not to be. I found divisions and even brigades were becoming disintegrated to the left. You have a good neighbor, and I hope you will get along harmoniously.

I have been out all day on the left. Just in. All quiet, but the enemy working like beavers, making bridges and causeways. I saw no extension to his right. All the bridges, &c., were from New Bridge down. He seems to be working for the plateau this side New Bridge, from the bridge itself, which he has renewed on one side, and his tete de-pont on the other. Our people seem to think he will advance tomorrow morning. If so, I directed he should be resisted, and act upon circumstances. Be prepared on your side, and if you get word sweep around on your right.

Very truly,

R E Lee    




General D. H. Hill,
Commanding, &c.:

General: I send you a note just received from General Lee. Be ready in the morning, bright and early, if you hear anything. That Mr. Allen would be of service to us in case we have to move.

Very respectfully,

James Longstreet,





Source: The War of the Rebellion, Series 1, Volume 11, Part 3, p. 577.


Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2017 March 2