U.S. Military Academy West Point. NY. 18 Sept: 1852



I have recd. your letter of the 15th inst: directing that the mileage of the member of the late Board of Visiters, from California, be paid from the appropriation of the current year. I conclude from your letter of the 18th June, that he is to be paid the usual traveling allowance from California & back; but the distance to his home “by the shortest mail route” has not been furnished as it has been in the other cases, & I have no means of computing it. The distance laid down on Disturnel’s map from New York to San Francisco, is 6000 miles by the Panama route. To which, if added the distance from here to New York, the distance to San Francisco & back, will be over 12000 miles.

The amount to be paid to the member from California therefore at the rate of 8¢ per mile, will be about $1000. There is still due for payment of their board while in session here, subject to the decision of the authorities at Washington, $131.50, which together with the traveling allowances to the member from California, will make a deficit of about $600. The exact deficiency I will however report, as soon as I am informed what distance I must pay Mr. Curtis.

I am very respt. Your obedt. Servt.


R E Lee Br. Col. Supt. Mily. Acady.


Source: Superintendent's Daily Correspondence United States Military Academy, Superintendent's Letter Book No. 2, p. 287. Addressed “Genl: Jos: G. Totten Chief Engineer Washington City D.C.”


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