Hdqrs: 27 Apl ‘64

Respy returned through Genl Ewell to Genl Early. I consider the remarks of the latter improper & uncalled for. Orders are transposited through staff officers in the different depts: of the army for the sake of convenience & dispatch, & are intended for the respective Commg officers, who are expected to give the necessary instructions for their execution to See that they are Complied with. In the present Case the order in question was transmitted through the A. Inspr Genl, because it was a modification of Genl order No 27 & it was the duty of the officers of that dept: to see if its execution & report any failure to their Commrs &c. It appears upon its reception Genl Early with his usual promptness gave the proper attention to the subject, & the Commg Genl cannot believe that an officer of his high character & standing intended by his remarks any disrespect to his immediate Commr or to himself. The expression of this opinion he deems sufficient for officers in this army to prevent misunderstanding in future. He therefore considers it unnecessary to prosecute the matter further, & desires that Genl Early be released from arrest & returned to duty

R E Lee


Source: George Francis Markham Collection, Section 1, Mss1 M3415 a 23-25, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2019 May 22