Lexington Va: 21 Mar ’66


My dear Mrs Chouteau


I have recd your note of the 6th Inst. which has been kindly forwarded by Dr Miller. As there is nothing you can ask which I will not grant, so it is with much pleasure that I send the autograph you desire. I also enclose the last photograph of me. I have nine taken in uniform, but they are all alike; & temp me almost to deny myself. Do you recognize your old uncle? You will ever live in my memory as my “beautiful Jule”, and I require nothing to recall you to my recollection. You stand before me now, as you then appeared, in the broad sunlight of youth & joy; undimmed by a single shadow of the intervening years. I regret very much that I did not see Miss K. Eveleth when in Washington. I wished very much to do so, but my stay was very short, (Saturday & Sunday) & time entirely occupied. Besides I am considered such a reprobate that I hesitate to darken the doors of those whom I regard; lest I should hang upon them some disaster. But I hope some day that I may again see you, & that your little children may not learn to abhor me.

Praying that the blessing of Heaven may attend you & yours

I am with great respect

most truly yours


R E Lee