Fort Hamilton N.Y.

26 May 1845


My dearest Markie


Your letter arrived just in time to assure us of your remembrance. If we had have required to be reminded of you, you would have constantly been brought before us through the power of association. Roony has personated your extacies at the Sight of the moonlight dancing on the water, of the beautiful ships as they dash by us, of the towering masts of the North Carolina, & dies away at the report of the “Evng. gun.” All the inhabitants have inquired particularly after you. We found them pretty much as we left them. We are threatened with a shower of brides. Mr Elzy was married on the 20th Inst: to a Miss Irvin of Baltimore. Mr David Gibson & old Shack his attendants. Mr Carder is now in Conn: & it is reported to be married to a “Miss Boardman of that State. Mr Joe Eaton has returned from the West & is to be married to a Miss Blany of Delaware. Mr Loeser has just finished a visit to his Affiancee & is supposed to have made his arrangements secure for participating in the joys of his brother Joe (that is to be) Mr Lansing is constantly on the road & if success depends upon earnestness & perseverance, he is sure. The rest of our heroes are poised high on the wings of love, gazing on the Divinities of their worship, for though they strike like the falcon, they woo like the turtle. Mr A. Gibson’s lady love has found one more to her liking, (a difficult task would you not think?) & he has consoled himself with a horse! I have been but once tell Bunnie to that Eden, Governors Isd. Neddy Townsend, that God of War, was there, (but without his Eve), looking as glorious as the May day Sun. Mr & Mrs Chapman were away on a six months leave. Mrs R Allen was on a visit home. Mr Daniels had gone on Some Wedding expedition, Mr Hays, Anderson, Sedgewick, &c &c in Statu quo. Mrs. Bankhead was not well, the Colonel as usual & Prince John magnificent. Miss Nora & her Sister have since returned from Baltimore. I have merely met them in Broadway. I saw Miss N. as we passed through Baltimore. She was staying with Mrs. Magruder & preparing herself to join the Catholic Church. Going to Mass every morg at 5 A.M. & visiting the Archbishop daily. She has now joined the Church. I hope she might have been sufficiently good by adhering to her own, but if she can become better by leaving it, it is well. Mrs Lucius Allen is now at Govrs Isd. Her sister Miss DeWitt is with her. The U. S. Ship Columbus is lying just opposite to us, under the broad penant of Comm: Biddle. She is to take out Mr A. Everett our Minister to China. He went aboard yesterday & was recd. with the national Salute. They will sail in a day or two. Tell Mrs. Pratt, I saw Mr P____ several times while here on his way East. He was very well & said he had made up his mind to live without her for six months. I suppose Mary has told you all the domestic news. Col: Stanton has arrived & will take back with him tomorrow Mrs. S. Miss Sarah Macomb is still at Fort Moultrie, but writes she expects to leave there about the 1st June with Mrs. Miller. They hope The Hugers will be coming north about that time. Captain Ben Huger & family are now in N.Y. We are very glad to hear that your GrdMother & all the family are well. Remember us particularly to them all, Cousin Britt, Misses Lum, Katy, & Bunnie & to your father when you write. All the children unite in much love to yourself. What has become of that sweet child Lizzy Gardner? I am on the eve of a visit to New London, & when I come back shall go to W. Point. I hope I shall see Miss Blanche & Claudio. Miss Pat Hackly & Kate Hale have been spending a day or so with us: & we have been over to New Brighton to see them & Mrs. Talcott.

Good bye

Very truly                            R E Lee   



Source: Letters of Robert E. Lee to Martha Custis Williams, Huntington Library, San Marino, California

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2016 August 23