Rockbridge Baths

20 July 1869


My dearest Markie

I have borrowed a little space in your Cousin M’s letter, to acknowledge your last kind one to me & to say how glad I am that you are coming to see us. I however think that you are of opinion that the Hot is the proper water for you that you ought to go there. Your first duty to yourself & friends is to recover your health & you ought to pursue that course that reason & experience demonstrates to be the best. I do not know that those waters are the best, nor do I wish to under value these, but from what your Cousin M. tells me that appears to be your opinion, & I do not wish you to forego so fair an opportunity to test them, for the sake of pleasing us. You know you can see us after our return to Lexington. I shall have to stop for I am using your cousin Marys room as well as pen & paper. The first is so dark, (she is taking her siesta) that I cannot see what I am writing, & the others do not suit my style at all. Good bye. Hoping to see you soon I am.

your affectionate Cousin

R E Lee




Source: Transcribed from digital scan of original letter, Letters of Robert E. Lee to Martha Custis Williams, 1844-1870, Huntington Library, San Marino, California              

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2017 October 3