Camp Near Orange Ct House

17 August ‘62


My dear Mary

I passed by you friday morning when you were asleep. I looked very hard but could see no body. I should have liked so much to stop to have waked you all up. I was afraid at such an hour I should not have been welcome. But welcome or not I was obliged to go on & here I am in a tent, instead of my comfortable quarters at Dabbs. The tent however is very comfortable & of that I have nothing to complain. Genl Pope says he is very strong & seems to feel so, for he is moving apparently up to the Rapidan. I hope he will not prove stronger than we are. I learn since I have left that Genl McClellan has moved down the river with his whole army, I suppose he is coming here too, so we shall have a busy time. I do not know that it is true, but such are the despatches I get this morg. Burnside & King from Fredericksburg have joined Pope, which from their own report has swelled Pope to 92,000. I do not believe it, though I believe he is very big. Johnny Lee saw Louis M after Jackson’s last battle, who asked kindly after his old Uncle & said his mother &c. were well. Johnny said he looked wretchedly himself. I am sorry he is in such bad compy. But I suppose he could not help it. I have not seen my precious Rob yet. I hear he is well. I presume he does not know I am here, & I have not had time to go to him. Give much love to every body & plenty of kisses to Chass, Cousin Anne &c.

Truly & devotedly yours

R E Lee




Source: DeButts-Ely Collection of Lee Family Papers, Library of Congress

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2018 August 17