Camp Culpepper 18 Nov ’62


I have recd. dear Mary your letter by Mrs Withers brother & am very glad to hear that you are all well, & particularly that Chas & the baby are so prosperous. As regards Mildred no one can Say with certainty as to her continuing within our lines nor Can any place be considered as exempt from the enemys visits. I think though she had better remain there through the vacation. The danger & inconvenience of travelling these lines is so great, & as we have no home to which she Could Come, I think she had better remain. She is no child now desiring holiday, but a young woman anxious to obtain wisdom. As regards the Carpet blankets you speak of, I think you had better give them to the QrMr to asses. They will be distributed with the general supply & go farther to furnish the general want. Col: Myers1 & Col Larkin Smith will arrange it for you. You had better not send but two pairs of the drawers when furnished. If attention is wanted I Can inform you, or perhaps you had better not finish but two pairs. The enemy is moving from Warrenton & apparently changing his base to Fredg. If so I shall be nearer to you. You will have seen that Genl McC___ has been removed . I have no time for more than to send a great deal of love to every body. I saw Fitzh a day or two since. He was very well & in command of his new brigade. He marches to day to Fredg. May God bless you all & defend our dear Country. Truly & affy yours

R E Lee




My dear child

I got your letter you know how much pleasure it would give me to have you here but perhaps on the whole you had better remain. Things are so unsettled, & I have no home to offer you. Perhaps we may get out to Raleigh late in the season if we can get board at the Hall. I will try to send your box as soon as possible you must send me an order to draw your money write two orders one

“The Auditor of the state of Va will pay to James K. Caskie the dividends due in my name the 1st January 1863

write the second order for Mildred C. Lee

Cashier of the Bank of Virginia

you had better write Mary that young lady & send the carpet bag & shawl. It is no use to keep it, anything that you do not want. Rob will write to you. In haste

yrs most affectionately

M C Lee





Source: Photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L51c 405, Section 20, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond


Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2016 November 2




1. Abraham C. Myers (1811-1889), First Quarter Master General, was from South Carolina. He graduated from West Point in 1833. The city of Fort Myers, Florida, is named after him. Colonel Larkin Smith was Assistant Quarter Master General and a West Point graduate from Virginia.